A Guide To Choosing The Best Flower Arrangement For Every Occasion


Flowers mark a special place in the gift-giving tradition. They’re beautiful, fragrant, versatile, and available all year round. Because of this, they’ve easily become go-to presents to show appreciation, share positivity, express apologies, send condolences, or even profess love.

When feelings become too intense, flowers can help communicate a variety of sentiments without the need to say a word. They’re a perfect way to express your emotions, especially when it’s quite difficult to articulate them.

 Floral Arrangements For Every Event

The perfect floral arrangement can certainly lift the mood of your recipient. However, with an array of things to consider, sending the right bundle can be tricky. You may have to factor in traditions, etiquette, event, the recipient’s personality, and more.

For busy people, hiring florists in LA or any floral experts near you can help you curate the perfect arrangement for any event. Nonetheless, if you want to be proactive in choosing the right blooms for your recipient, there are ways to eliminate the guesswork.

Below is a brief guide in choosing the best flower arrangement for every occasion. 

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A Simple Guide in Choosing the Right Flowers to Decorate

  • Consider The Popular Options

Depending on the holiday or special event, there are go-to, basic blooms that would surely make your recipient smile. For instance, a bundle of red roses is a hit during Valentine’s Day or as anniversary gifts and gerberas are perfect for joyful celebrations such as graduations, birthdays, and the like. 

Considering this, make sure to incorporate the favorites during certain occasions. To add variety, you can make the popular floral the focus of the arrangement. You can work with your florist to come up with a unique, personalized bouquet that suits your recipient.

Moreover, these florals are also abundant and accessible weeks or days before the actual holiday. Hence, when in doubt, choose the classic ones over trendy bouquets. This option can be convenient and practical, especially if you can’t find arrangements you’re satisfied with. 

  • Opt For Their Birth Flowers

Flowers are perfect presents to send during birthdays, especially if you can’t attend the event. If you’re used to gifting flowers during your loved one’s birthday, you can start to think of ways to jazz things up and make the arrangement more creative. 

If you’ve run out of ideas, consider gifting the recipient’s birth flower. Each birth flower has a unique connotation that makes it more special. For example, if your friend is having her birthday in October, consider arranging a bundle with marigolds.

This flower represents optimism, joy, and fiery energy. It’s a perfect way to wish someone a prosperous year as they turn a year older. This can also give your arrangement a playful twist, making it trendy yet suitable for all occasions.

Nonetheless, not every recipient knows that these certain blooms are their birth flowers. Hence, make sure to include a note on the arrangement, indicating the reason behind choosing these flowers and their symbolism. Surely, this will make your receiver’s heart flutter with happiness.

  • Choose Their Favorite Colors

Another way to choose the most suitable floral arrangement for every occasion is to factor in your recipient’s favorite color. Rather than allowing the florist to choose the color palette, work with them to make the arrangement special and well-thought-out.

For the color scheme, you can choose to go for either a mismatched arrangement or a monochromatic one. A mismatched bouquet is will look magical, especially when it’s mixed with unique complementary colors.

For instance, in reference to the color wheel, yellow goes well with purple and red sits perfectly with green. To picture it, sunflowers blend beautifully with purple baby’s breath. On the other hand, red tulips look romantic with a few greeneries.

Alternatively, if you prefer a monochromatic look, make sure to incorporate different tones of the same color. This way, you can add depth and appeal to the entire arrangement and prevent it from looking flat. For instance, a bundle of crisp, white calla lilies is perfect for your newly-wed friend.

  • Check Their Meanings

However, before ordering a set of their favorite colors, make sure to check the flower’s unique meaning. This knowledge will also help you avoid sending the inappropriate bouquet or convey the wrong message. 

If your recipient likes pink, consider blush, pastel florals that are appropriate for the event. For instance, go for pink roses for birthdays as these can offer a whimsical and sweet twist to your bundle. Avoid an all-pink carnation arrangement as this is typically used for remembering a departed loved one.

The Takeaway

Choosing the best flower arrangement perfect for every occasion can be quite tricky. However, by looking into the preferences of your receiver and the availability of these florals, you can surely score a bundle that will make them smile.

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