7 Reasons Why You Should Wear an Undershirt


When it comes to style and comfort, an undershirt is undoubtedly an important part of the wardrobes of both men and women.

Why should you wear an undershirt, anyway? There have
been some debates on whether men should wear undershirts or not.

Many old-school-style people, probably some style snobs, argue that you shouldn’t wear an undershirt. There are several reasons for wearing undershirts. If you check off one, two, or all of the below boxes, you
should add some quality undershirts to your wardrobe. 

1. Trap sweat
Do you have sweat issues? You’ll want to wear an undershirt if you sweat profusely. There’s nothing worse than sweat going through your jacket or dress shirt. An undershirt offers an extra layer between your skin and the rest of your clothing. This helps to keep sweat at bay. If you sweat a lot, try an undershirt. 

2. Prevent deodorant stains
If you’re a heavy sweater, sweat rings aren’t your only concern. Deodorant stains can be a nagging source of embarrassment. Imagine meeting a client with giant yellow stains on your nice cotton dress shirt or pretty silk blouse. You’d rather have those embarrassing stains on your undershirt than on your shirt. Once again, an undershirt provides a protective layer, not
only between sweat and your shirt, but also between deodorant and your shirt.


3. Mask flaws
An undershirt does a remarkable job of hiding body flaws. If you have a hairy chest, you’ve probably noticed it’s easy for someone to see the hair through a light-colored shirt. An undershirt helps you to conceal chest hairs. Additionally, if you’re struggling with man boobs or prominent nipples that poke through your shirt, an undershirt does a remarkable job in concealing them. If you’re struggling with man boobs and prominent nipples, consider getting a compression undershirt to mask such flaws. Shop here for incredible compression shirts. 

4. To cover the chest
During summer, it’s common to see women wearing loose-fitting blouses and men wearing button-down open at the collar. In such scenarios, wearing an undershirt provides modesty. For men, an undershirt makes a button-down appear groomed and more professional. For women,
wearing an undershirt hides the cleavage that’s making them feel more self-conscious.

5. Hide the ‘muffin top’
Everybody dreads a ‘muffin top’. It can be a source of embarrassment. Wearing an undershirt helps to conceal such bulges, creating a smooth, uniform appearance under any dress, blouse, or shirt.

6. Extra layer
Another reason why you should wear an undershirt is that it provides an extra layer. If you live in colder climates or you get colds easily, an extra layer between you and your clothes would help to keep you warmer.

7. Provide comfort

Finally, an undershirt can help you feel comfortable regardless of the clothes you’re wearing. Are you one of those people with sensitive skin and often detest the feeling of seams or buttons rubbing against your skin? An undershirt provides an extra protective layer allowing you to wear any clothes without having to worry about your comfort.


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