7 reasons to care for your shoes


There’s nothing better than finding a comfortable, stylish and well made pair of shoes, like those from NOVO.

While most of us understand the importance of good footwear, others fail to look after their shoes. But wearing well looked after shoes is more important than you might think. You’d never see Meghan Markle wearing a scuffed pair of trainers, or watch Beyoncé treading mud into the carpet. Here’s why you should always care for your shoes.

A pair of well looked after shoes look good. There’s no point wearing a stylish outfit if your shoes are grubby and full of holes. An outfit can easily be ruined by wearing the wrong pair of shoes. A stylish person wears amazing shoes and cares for them properly.

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The best street style from Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020. (Photo: Vogue.fr, Sandra Semburg)

Most shoes don’t last forever, but they certainly last longer if you look after them properly. Increase the lifespan of your shoes by storing them in the right place, avoiding getting them wet and cleaning them regularly. If you’re lucky, you might never have to bin your favorite pair of shoes.

Your footwear says a lot about your attitude. A professional person will wear clean, smart shoes that fit the tone of the office. It’s not professional to tread mud into the office carpet or bounce around in grubby trainers. If you want to be viewed as a professional, start with the maintenance of your work shoes.

We already know that shoes that aren’t cared for properly have a short lifespan. But what does that mean for you? It means increased expenses, as you’ll need to keep buying new shoes regularly. By looking after the shoes you already have, you save time, effort and money. Clean shoes are easier on the eye, and they’re easier on your purse, too.

We all want to wear comfortable shoes. But shoes that aren’t well cared for are seldom comfy. If you constantly squash the heels when you put on your shoes, and ruin the shape by squeezing them into your closet, the fit of your shoes will change. You might find yourself getting unwanted blisters or pain in the arch of your foot. Look after your shoes to look after your feet.

It’s not hygienic to wear badly cared for shoes. If you regularly traipse through mud or leave them out in the rain, chances are your shoes will start to smell unpleasant. No one wants to be the person in the office with the stinky feet. Store your shoes in a warm, dry place and invest in some shoe spray.

Personal pride
Ok, so you might not care what your colleagues think. But what do you think of yourself? Caring for your own shoes should be important to you, because it means you care about yourself. You deserve to wear stylish, comfortable and long-lasting shoes, because you’ve spent money on them. What’s the point in buying something to quickly mess it up? Treat yourself and your feet by caring for the items that you buy.


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