Easy Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Shoes


Wouldn’t it be a pity if your branded shoes, you bought after splurging hundreds of dollars, wear-out after a couple of usages? It even sounds so heartbreaking – right?

Shoes are seriously that accessory which faces the most hardships and which we neglect the most as well. We keep our glasses in the casing, neatly keep our ties in the draw, and safely place our bracelets in a box. But what about shoes that carry our weight, taste the dust and are stepped on?

Most of the people place shoes in the shoe rack along with the sad story of the day: dust smudges, marks of being stepped on, and disheveled condition. You can neglect them if you plan to throw away your branded shoes after wearing them for some time. But if you want to increase their lifespan, then you should take care of them. Neat shoes in good condition glorify your overall personality. You can’t go for an interview or a dinner night wearing shoes in poor condition, assuming that you will still ace-out things. Here are given some simple tips that can help to keep your shoes in good condition without much effort:
Allocate a Proper Place
It’s better to keep your shoes in the shoebox after wearing them. This way, you can save them from any dust or your pet who might casually step on them. But if they are your daily use shoes and you can’t afford the hassle of taking them out of the box every day, then place them in a proper place. Arrange a shoe rack or a place in your closet. Don’t pile them on each other in the corner of the room or the entrance. They not only get dirty but can also get worn out by getting rubbed with each other.
Clean and Polish Them
Always clean them before placing them in the closet or shoebox. It not only saves your time in the morning when you are running with the clock to reach the workplace on time, but also increases the lifespan of your shoes. The dust might contain bacteria which can decay your shoes faster. So, wipe out all the dust gathered on your shoes during the day to save them from slipping off your life. Also, don’t forget polishing them to get shining shoes to gleam your overall appearance. You don’t have to polish them on a daily basis. If you wear them 3 or more times a week, then follow full shoe shining regimen at least once a week. You can polish them on hard days of your shoes, i.e. on days when they are stepped on, or you have traveled through the rainwater.
Keep Them Dry
Keep your shoes, especially leather shoes, away from water as much as possible. Though you can’t avoid water splashing your shoes on rainy days, but wipe the water as soon as you can to avoid getting strain. Don’t wear them with wet feet, and in case they get humid due to heavy sweating, then dry them before placing them in a shoebox or the closet. Humidity not only destroys the material of your shoes but can also trigger mold growth. Follow these tips to increase the lifespan of your shoes and slay them for a long time!


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