7 Dazzling Wedding Rings That Match Your Style


Wedding rings come in various styles and designs, which make it a little difficult for you to pick one for your special day.

From bezel to solitaire, there are many antique/vintage and modern styles that you should definitely consider along with diamonds and semi-
precious gemstones as the center stone. You see, there are hundreds of designs to choose from! But worry not— we have put together 7 dazzling wedding rings that will match your style and win yours and your special someone’s heart.

1. Solitaire
The most popular style when it comes to wedding rings, a solitaire is a classic ring that comes with a clean design. As the name suggests, it has a single gemstone and a simple band. Make sure the gemstone you choose is absolutely gorgeous as it is surely going to stand out on the simple band. This design can be combined with other band styles for a unique wedding ring!

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2. Split Shank
A rather less traditional but exquisite design, a split shank is a beautiful ring style in which the band splits into two or more strands near the center stone. The number and size of the strand can be customized, making each split shank ring unique. Go for a bold look with large strands or a delicate look with sleek strands. This band will enhance the beauty of your gemstone even more!

3. Modern
Modern rings come in various styles and designs. They mostly avoid any traditional design, however, it can be a combination of 2-3 totally different designs. These rings mostly incorporate asymmetric curves or straight lines and more. Modern rings stand out from the common ones and make for very attractive wedding rings. For people who like to go for trendy rings and think traditional ones are overrated, modern styles are a perfect fit!

4. Milgrain

A very sleek and sparkly design, the Milgrain ring is a delicate style of rings, beaded in the metal of the ring setting. The little gemstones can cover the whole upper portion or be placed anywhere on the ring, adding a delicate detailing. This can be a key feature in any vintage or antique-styled ring. The Milgrain style makes for a lovely wedding ring that one is sure to fall for!

5. Eternity
Similar to the Milgrain ring, an eternity ring comes with little gemstones on the band. What makes this one unique is that it has no center stone. This style symbolizes everlasting love and looks incredibly pretty! The small stones throughout the band make the ring sturdy yet elegant. For someone who loves a simple yet sparkly design, an eternity wedding ring is an excellent choice!

6. Channel
A unique style, Channel refers to a setting that has a delicate channel cut into the band. This band holds a row of small gemstones. Channel rings usually do not have prongs, instead of the metal walls of the channel act as prongs that securely hold the small stones. A stylish and pretty design, many consider it a perfect fit for a wedding ring because of its overall look and elegance!

7. Bypass
Another modern design, a bypass ring has two ends of the band that pass each other a bit as they approach the center stone. The two ends seem to part, giving it a stylish look. It can be bold or elegant, depending on the frame of the band. This design delivers a beautiful romantic message about how it symbolizes two lives merging together as one. A bypass-styled ring can have more than one center stone nestled on each end of the band, making it look more attractive!

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Final Few Words
Sure, choosing the perfect ring can be a tough task but with the right ring guide, it is a matter of minutes! Be sure of what you want by researching different styles and designs. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and create your own, unique wedding ring! Consider diamond or moissanite rings NYC for some of the best styles. Above all, take your sweet time and make sure you have fun while choosing a special ring for your special day!


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