3 Most Common Reasons for BDD and How to Combat Them


Have you ever noticed that there is a marked difference to how others view your beauty and the features you perceive to be as flaws? There is a term for this, and it’s called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, most often simply referred to as BDD. Sometimes there is something about your physical appearance that could take a bit of work and other times it’s just the way you perceive certain features to be flawed. 

While some women stress over the size of their breasts or hips that are overly large, the most common reasons for BDD are facial features such as moles, the size of one’s nose, or even teeth that are slightly misaligned. Although others may not see these as flaws you do, and no amount of counseling has eased your stress. If you are intent on doing something about those features, here is what you can do.

1. One or More Moles

There was a time when moles were considered to be beauty marks and it only takes going back a generation or two to the time when Marilyn Monroe was the sex goddess of the big screen. Whenever you see a photo of her, that signature mole was highly pronounced. That was one of her trademarks and so moles should be seen as a mark of beauty. If you really can’t tolerate the mole or moles on your face, it’s a simple procedure for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to remove it. Issue resolved.

Filling in Wrinkles Safely


2. Misaligned Teeth

Next, we move on to the Material Girl, Madonna. She had a slight gap between her two front teeth and that was seen as adding character to her face. However, you may have that slight gap and other misaligned teeth that need to be straightened. You don’t want to be seen as having a smile with character. You want perfectly straight pearly whites. This is easily accomplished without those awkward metal braces because today there are clear braces you only wear for 22 hours a day, which makes them easy to live with. These can be found on the Alignerco website, and the beauty is you can take your impressions from home, mail them in, and get multiple sets of clear braces you never need to be stressed about wearing! Once again, problem solved. 

3. The Size or Shape of Your Nose

This is something which may be more of an issue to you than to others. However, more than a facial feature, sometimes a misshaped nose is also cause for breathing problems, especially when sleeping. It may be a bit costly, but you can find a plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. This type of surgery can correct the size and reshape the nose for health or beauty purposes. With the right surgeon, problem solved.

Even a few short years ago you would not have the benefit of these advances in treatments. However, now that clear braces and cosmetic surgery are easy to find, there is no reason to suffer from what you perceive to be facial flaws. Sometimes those features are a bit exaggerated and need a bit of correction so it may not be BDD after all, but there are easy fixes if you know where to look.


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