2022 Guidelines on Preparing Outfits for Competitive Dance


A good dancing outfit can make or break your chance to win a dance competition. A good dance outfit can take your performance to greater heights. A bad one can dampen your stage appeal. This is why it’s important for you to be ever immersed and focused when planning for your dance outfit. Everything has to be intentional. To help you on that, we’d enlist eight important guidelines that you should duly observe when planning for your dance outfit. 

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2022 Guidelines on Preparing Outfits for Competitive Dance

Guideline #1: On Clothes for Female Dancers

The female body becomes goddess-like when it moves and is embellished by just the right clothes. Planning for a dance outfit can be overwhelming if it’s your first time. But you simply need to take note of the following points:

  • You should have the intention for your outfit to steal the show. It should have a marked and unique stage appeal.
  • The best 2022 dance costumes are ones with appliques, rhinestones, and embellishments
  • Avoid black if you can
  • Bright colors (like blue, hot green, purple, and fuchsia) have a fantastic stage presence
  • Choose a flippy dress if you’re going to perform a Latin/rhythm dance
  • When planning for slits, the slit should be high enough to allow your legs to freely move
  • A tutu will be essential if you’re entering a ballet competition
  • Tape your thin straps to secure that they don’t fall. You can also use rubber bands.
  • You should always have a backup dress in case of accidents.
  • You should always have a needle, thread, scissors, and extra safety pins with you.

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Preparing Outfits for Competitive Dance
Guideline #2: On Underwear

The best underwear for dance competitions ate flesh-colored stockings. Your tights should be “sheer to waist” and sandal feet to ensure that it looks good when you swirl. You should always wear dance trunks. 

Guideline #3: On Shoes for Female Dancers

Always bring a spare pair with you. Bringing several different pairs will be ideal. You will be required to wear heeled sandals if you’re joining a Latin dance competition. Ballet slippers are imperative if you’d enter a ballet competition. Be particular with your pair of shoes. It should allow you to shine and feel fully comfortable while dancing. 

Guideline #4: On Hair and Makeup

Your hair and your makeup will complete your look. This is why it’s important that you also plan for it. When preparing, you should not forget the following:

  • You should have hair nets
  • You should have hair sprays
  • You should have hair gels
  • You should have bun covers
  • You should have bobby pins
  • You should highlight your lips and your eyes
  • It’s okay to risk looking over the top with your makeup. Don’t forget that you’d be receiving massive amounts of spotlight while you’re performing so your makeup can even look lighter while you’re dancing. The judges and the audience should be able to see how fabulous you look even if they’re far away. 
  • You should also use fake eyelashes and bright nails. 

Guideline #5: On Clothes for Male Dancers

Some dance competitions for male dancers don’t allow costumes. In such cases, you should simply wear dark dress pants. The pants will look good with a good-fitting white shirt and a regular bow tie. You can also use a vest. You should avoid wearing a jacket as it can restrict your movement.

You can be more adventurous with your costume if you’re joining a Latin dance competition. If you’d be dancing with a partner, you should opt to color coordinate. 

Guideline #6: On Shoes, for Female Dancers

Male dancers don’t have many options when it comes to shoes. However, planning for one is still imperative. As is the case with female dancers, bringing spare pairs of shoes is highly recommended. For a perfect choice, you should take note of the following:

  • You can wear leather shoes with suede, synthetic, or leather soles
  • You should avoid shoes with spongy or rubber soles. Such kinds of shoes can stick to the floor while you’re doing your spins and turns. Such a mishap can easily lead to accidents.
  • The shoe of your choice should give you sufficient arch support.
  • Your choice of shoes should always be specialty dance shoes. 

Guideline #7: On Accessories

Sometimes, the difference between a good outfit and a bad outfit is the use of accessories. A simple look can turn out really fabulous and dazzling if you know how to use accessories well. Take note of the following tips:

  • Invest in hair accessories that can allow you to easily transition from one number to the next.
  • You should always secure your hairstyle with safety pins.
  • Hairpieces, hair decorations, and hats should also be secured with safety pins. 

Guideline #8: On What to Prioritize 

Never forget what to truly prioritize when planning for your dance outfit: your body and your dance move. Your costume should allow you to fully perform at the best way possible. This is why it is essential that you prioritize your comfort. Your costume should allow you to shine without limiting your bodily movement. A tight costume can look fantastic but it can end up making you look in pain and uncomfortable while you’re dancing. This is why you should always prioritize your comfort. In such a way that your dance outfit should be able to allow you to truly look like a superstar while moving graciously and freely. 


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