Vegan Diet for Weight Loss: Does It Work?


With the emergence of new diseases and effects of climate change on the rise, a lot of people are becoming more conscious about their health. This involves losing weight the healthy way of course. 

Vegan Diet is a popular way of losing weight because of its sustainability and health benefits. This year, 23% of American consumers have tried vegetarian meals as part of their transition into a plant-based diet. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the way people eat. The sales of vegan foods have increased to a whopping 90% since the crisis started. 


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The Wonders of Vegan Diet

This plant-based diet boosts our immunity, which is highly crucial in our world today. But many are switching to vegan diet because of its effectiveness in achieving healthy weight loss. 

How can this diet help us shed unwanted kilos? 

  • High fiber  – increasing fiber intake is essential to lose weight. Eating high fiber meals can keep us full for several hours, which avoids unnecessary snacking
  • Low calories – having a vegan diet helps us maintain low calorie intake without having to starve ourselves
  • Low saturated fat – obesity is linked with high saturated fat intake; vegan foods contain very low amounts of saturated fat that can lower the risk of cancer, diabetes
  • Speeds metabolism – vegan meals are easier to prepare in small amounts, which helps avoid binging and long eating intervals

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Food preparation is key

How we prepare our vegan meals is crucial. It is important to cook them properly so the nutrients would not be stripped off. One simple example is avoiding too much oil.

It is also important to eat vegan desserts in moderation. Yes, we are talking about these fruit shakes, avocado spread, acai bowls, and more. Even though they are plant-based, they still have high calorie content. 

Taking supplements along with your vegetarian meals also helps cut down fat faster. One example is the Vintage Burn, a thermogenic fat burner made from plant-based ingredients. Old School Labs, a California-based company, developed this supplement to speed up our metabolic rate. This allows calories to be burned faster and enhancing the mind’s focus at the same time.

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Don’t rely on plant-based diets only!

While there are countless benefits of having a vegetarian, plant-based diet, it is not the only solution. Going vegan is effective for weight loss, but only to a certain extent. Remember, there are many factors that can affect your weight such as age, metabolic health, and genetics. 

The goal is to lose weight holistically and target all areas which is why switching up your eating habit is not enough. It is also important to include regular exercise in your weight loss journey. 

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It is best to consult with a trusted dietitian or doctor before you make drastic changes to your diet. Talking to a professional can help in planning your meals to make sure you consume the right amount of calories without compromising your nutrient intake. 


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