Style Guide: How to make your boyfriend jeans look sexy?


When it comes to essential wardrobe pieces every girl and woman should own, a pair of boyfriend jeans is most certainly on that list. They are comfortable and easy to wear without feeling too thigh like we sometimes feel wearing our skinny jeans.

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Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Miranda Kerr and Sarah Jessica Parker love wearing them because are easy to combine and comfortable. Are you wandering how to make your boyfriend jeans look sexy? It`s quite easy just follow our five styling tips and tricks…


1. Sheer is always sexy
When you want to give just a glimpse of your skin without looking tacky, sheer blouse or transparent shirt is the way to go. To create an illusion of slimmer waist, don`t forget to tuck in your shirt just a bit on the waistline.


2. Rolled them up
When trying to give your favorite pair of denim jeans a modern vibe, simply roll them up. Fold the jeans to create a half-inch cuff or fold again to create a doubled half-inch cuff. Then smooth out the cuff to create a sturdy, symmetrical look.




3. Pair with high heels
Your favorite pair of stilettos, strap sandals or pointed pumps will instantly elongate your legs and give your whole ensemble an uplift to looking chic without trying “so hard”. In case you have missed it, see our Style Guide: How to wear pointed shoes this spring?

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Jeans Look Sexy

Model Chrissy Teigen spotted wearing denim shirt and boyfriend jeans.


4. Combine with the right accessories
Le`s be hones, every self respected fashionista is a savvy planer when it comes to accessories. Nothing is just thrown on by accident, each piece is carefully coordinated. The perfect ensemble cannot be achieved without the right handbag or a piece of jewelry.


5. Drape that jacket
We love seeing coats and jackets draped over the shoulders. That`s a trick we have learned from every fashion editor, especially during fashion weeks when they wear the slung-jacket look all the time. Toughen up your boyfriend jeans with your favorite leather jacket or go for lighter coat in pastel or vivid colors. In case you have missed it, see our Style Guide: How to wear leather jacket for spring looks?

Photo: Instagram/Micah Gianneli

Photo: Instagram/Micah Gianneli




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