Steps to Take When Planning a Large Family Vacation


Planning a large, multi-family vacation can be incredibly daunting for the organizers of the trip and can even prevent the trip from being enjoyable. To make sure that every single one of your family members can enjoy the best trip possible, here is a guide to some of the top steps that you should take when you are starting to plan a large family gathering away from home. 

  • Book Great, Spacious Accommodation

The first element of your trip that you need to consider is your accommodation. When you are planning a family trip, you need to make sure that the accommodation that you choose is suitable for everyone, including those with young children, disabilities, or dietary requirements. One of the best accommodation options for large family gatherings is villas, as these can provide your family with the space that they need to thrive while ensuring that you can all spend your vacation together. For instance, you might consider visiting a reunion resort such as Villatel Kosher Experiences, whose villas can provide you enough space to have a relaxing vacation with your entire family.  

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  • Delegate the Planning 

Planning a multi-family trip can be extremely stressful, though, especially if one person is left to plan the trip by themselves. Therefore, you should make an effort to delegate tasks and planning between different members of the family. Even though this means that the trip will not be centrally planned, this can help to take the pressure away from one person and can ensure that everyone pulls their weight. For instance, you might ask one person to look for accommodation while another arranges flights. 

  • Invest in Memories 

A large family trip is all about making memories, and so you should find fun ways to do this before you travel. For instance, you might decide to nominate a member of the family to be your trip photographer or consider investing in matching t-shirts that everyone can take home as mementos of a fantastic family getaway

  • Choose a Date that Suits Everyone 

Arranging a date that suits everyone is one of the most difficult parts of your trip to get right. However, if you do not decide on a date that everyone agrees to, this could lead to some members of your family feeling left out if they are unable to join you. You should make sure that you pick a date that suits everyone and that you enable everyone to check whether they can take the dates off work before you book any flights or accommodation. 

  • Discuss Money

When you are booking a trip together, it can be difficult to decide who is paying for what or to even discuss it as a family. However, you must discuss money, including your budget and what you can afford before you make any important decisions. This will ensure that payment is fairly split and that finances cause no arguments while you are away from home or causes problems when returning home. 


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