Nails: Ombre Nails trend and techniques


After the ombre hair trend which was embraced world wide among fashion community and random fashionistas, came the ombre nails trend. This is one of the trendiest nail art styles and you can learn how to create ombre stylish gradient on your nails following a few easy steps in an ombre nails tutorial.

The first step is to choose the right colors for your ombre nails – choose the colors according to your mood and the occasiion for which you want your nails to look impressive. You can use two shades of nail polish or even three for even more bold ombre look. If your base color is light then the second shade of your nail polish should be darker, and if your base color is dark then the second color you use should be much lighter. You also need sponge ( make-up sponge comes handy here), a plastic sheet and toothpicks.


Step 1: Use the lightest of the two colors, paint your nails and wait for it to dry completely.

Step 2: On a flat surface, paint a generous amount of the colors right next to each other on to the plastic. Make sure they’re just about touching at the edges.

Step 3: Using a toothpick, swirl the two colors together in where they meet. The area where they mix will determine the length of the graduation. So if you want a long graduation, mix a bigger section of the colors, if you want less of a fade, just mix them together a tiny bit.

Step 4: Take your sponge and dab it directly down on to the polish a few times.

Step 5: Dab the sponge directly down on to your nail. Keep dabbing lightly and moving it very slightly up and down your nail.

Step 6: Add a topcoat. Or two or three! The sponging makes this mani very bumpy so you may need a couple of topcoats just to even out the surface.

Step 7: Clean up all the excess using a brush dipped in acetone or polish remover. I use a Q-tip dipped in remover for the big bits I can reach on my skin, then a small brush in pure acetone as I get closer to my nail and to make a crisp line near the cuticles.











Check out these video tutorials below to see step by step how to create ombre nails at home…

Videos: Youtube/MissJenFabulous&TheMakeUpFairyPro

Images: pinterest


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