How Yoga Brings Benefits To The Mind And Body


How yoga benefits you 

Yoga has been a way for people to practice mindfulness for several millenniums, it is a way to strengthen your emotional and physical abilities. Thankfully, instead of being an experienced yoga practitioner, the benefits of yoga can be reaped through simple practices and daily commitments. 

Along with the perceived benefits of yoga, there have been scientific research papers showing that basic yoga moves can be able to deter serious health problems and mitigate risks of getting asthmatic attacks, myocardial problems, and even multiple sclerosis; which is a disease where your body’s immune system attacks your brain. Here are a few benefits that have been proven to be true. For more information about yoga, visit 889 Yoga. 

Yoga is able to enhance your mental and psychological well-being while helping you distress 

Scientific studies have shown that exercising is able to enhance your overall mental state and also revitalizes your soul. In fact, yoga is also classified as exercising, and it boasts an array of benefits in the form of promoting tranquility and relieving pressure from day to day work. Further studies have shown that performing yoga can in fact reduce stress levels such as reducing levels of cortisol and having overall lower resting heart rate throughout the day. Experts have mentioned that yoga is not only a practice to get the motions and postures correct, but the act of trying to attain the perfect positions can help steer the mind away from any negativity.

Research has also shown that people who are down with depression and schizophrenia have displayed signs of improvement in conditions. 

Yoga could be a way for you to improve your quality of sleep at night

As we all know, yoga has often been linked to resting and relaxing. Naturally, this means that yoga can help you sleep as well. Performing light yoga before going to sleep is strongly suggested for people facing insomnia at night. As mentioned by experts, performing light yoga before sleep can aid in providing tranquility to your mind, body, and soul. 

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Yoga could serve as a hangover cure 

Drinkers should take note of this fact, remember how difficult it is to cope with the throbbing headache and disgusting feeling the day after a night of drinking? Well, you’re in luck as performing simple and light yoga stances can aid in reducing nausea-like Dramamine. How this works is through promoting blood flow in the body which can allow your body to increase the rate of elimination of alcohol. 

Despite it being an exercise, it could be effective in curing back pain

Yoga has different kinds of difficulty and intensity, it definitely does have the simpler, gentle poses which can be very good to help treat chronic back pain. It is not advised for patients with chronic back pains to attempt any strenuous or difficult poses, instead, they are advised to do gentle and light positions where the body can be relaxed.

Yoga can help you reduce the risks of heart diseases. 

As mentioned above, the act of performing yoga could reduce myocardial diseases such as myocardial infarctions. This is because yoga can help to alleviate the factors which cause such diseases, one of which is high blood pressure. Performing yoga stimulates the body to increase blood flow and this generally causes your blood vessels to dilate. Doing simple physics on the flow of blood and size of blood vessels, we can determine that having a larger sized blood vessel can ultimately reduce the amount of pressure the blood is putting on the blood vessel. With lower blood pressure, myocardial infarctions are less likely to occur. Similar activities like exercising and meditations have been seen to work. As a mix of exercise and meditation, yoga is not spared from the benefits that these activities provide. 


Performing light yoga poses can help to reduce arthritis pain 

Arthritis pain is caused by the swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints. This is mainly caused by joint stiffness and will generally worsen with age. How yoga can reduce the amount of pain felt by arthritis patients is through loosening your body and keeping your joints and muscles flexible and active. As for why yoga is exceptionally helpful, it is because yoga is a gentle sport and it does not require a lot of effort to do. It places less pressure and strain on the joints as compared to other impact sports like running and cycling. 

Performing yoga could help to relieve asthmatic symptoms 

Although yoga is not a cure for asthma, it is widely believed that performing yoga can help target and alleviate some of the symptoms faced by an asthmatic patient. During an asthma attack, the patient’s airways will start to narrow and swell up, at the same time produce more mucus. This in turn will cause breathing to be very difficult and will also trigger coughing. This results in wheezing and shortness of breath. By constantly performing yoga, and especially those moves which you have to control your breathing. It can hopefully help to relieve some stress and can allow you to be calm and have your breathing kept in check. Without the stressful triggers, it is less likely for asthma to be triggered. 

Yoga can help patients with multiple sclerosis 

As mentioned, multiple sclerosis happens when the immune system of a person decides to go astray and start attacking the brain. This often results in impairment of movement, reduced dexterity, and an array of problems that could result from poor brain-body coordination. Performing yoga could be a way to improve your condition as an MS patient as it can promote increased coordination between your body and brain. This can help in improving stability and also help in toning your muscles. Besides all these benefits, performing yoga can help with reducing stress levels. Evidence has shown that patients with MS who performed yoga on a regular basis generally showed improvements in their dexterity and also physical well-being. 

Yoga is suitable for everyone 

All in all, yoga is a very beneficial exercise that is recommended for anyone of any suitable age. The benefits of yoga are limitless, this list of benefits is non-exhaustive and I definitely recommend including yoga in your daily routines to improve your overall well-being. 



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