How to Dress Goth? Gothic Style Outfits Ideas


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you don’t need any explanation. However, for those of you who are just diving into the world of Gothic fashion, here’s some additional information.

Gothic style is a style image that combines a few other styles, including Victoriana and both Cyber and Steam Punk with the beautiful color of black. Of course, black is not the only hue present is this fashion style but it is a huge staple. Other shades you may come across include rich burgundy, dark purple and violet, emerald green, as well as royal blue.

The shoes

The Goth subculture is quite fond of chunky footwear. No matter if we’re talking about men’s or women’s footwear, think in terms of tall dark leather boots, with plenty of studs, chunky buckles and – quite frequently – spikes and chains. But, some Goth subtends, such as Lolita or Victoriana actually favor more subdued looks. Here, dolly shoes – even in pretty pastels if we’re talking about Pastel Goth – are the most popular type of footwear. Additionally, combat boots, such as Dr. Martens, also make some of the most popular Goth boots on the market. 

Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear fashion show

Look from Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear fashion show (Photo:

The clothes

Since we’ve already mentioned just how versatile Goth fashion can be, it is quite difficult to talk about the clothing pieces. That said, some of the staples include corsets, bodycon dresses, fishnet stockings and Victorian-esque skirts. Of course, when it comes to the color palette think – black. Lace is also quite a prominent feature, especially in women’s clothing, as well as leather and mesh. Anything with a spiderweb motif will do just fine. Also, clothing pieces that almost have a “witchy” vibe are more than welcome. 

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The makeup

Of course, we absolutely can’t talk about Goth style ideas without mentioning Goth makeup. Goth makeup, although quite unique, is actually fairly easy to master. The base of any good Goth makeup look should be as pale as you can possibly get. Aside from that, make sure you accentuate your eyes with a bold black eyeliner and some dark eyeshadow. Even though black is always a safe choice, deep dark burgundy can also look great, especially if you’re going for a somewhat vampier look. 

The accessories

Finally, Goth accessories are where it’s at. Plush or leather chokers, long chains and lace necklaces are just the tip of the iceberg. Anything that features a cross or a pentagram is welcome. Skulls, skeletons and skeleton hands are also some of the favorite Goth motifs. Bats, black cats and spiders – you can’t go wrong with. Crystals and gemstones are also quite frequently featured in Goth fashion, especially in the form of necklace pendants. Bulky rings – frequently featuring some of the aforementioned motifs – usually stacked go exceptionally well with long pointy nails, which are most commonly black or dark red. As a cherry on top, tattoos, body piercings and other body modifications will only enhance the look.

Olivier Theyskens Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear fashion show

Details from Olivier Theyskens Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear fashion show (Photo:

Although this style trend is certainly not suited for everyone, it is undeniably more than beautiful. Goth style is arguably one of the best styles that glorify a feminine shape and emphasize masculinity. So, if you’ve always found beauty in dark and mysterious styles, chances are you’ll fit right into the Goth subculture. 


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