How packaging can give your fashion store a brand identity


Do you want to engage your target customers and show them what you stand for? Set your fashion brand apart from your competitors and build a loyal customer base? Then it’s important to build a strong brand identity. 

There are many ways to do this – including through your website, social media and product quality. But equally as important is your packaging, which can help to impress customers and communicate your brand values. Here, we explore how packaging can build an effective brand identity and what key elements to incorporate into your strategy.


Is your brand known for fun and bold pieces? Modern or contemporary clothing? Or traditional items for outdoor lifestyles? Then it’s vital to design packaging that communicates this to your target customers. After all, you don’t want to send bright clothing in a boring package, as this will conflict with your brand’s overall messaging. Take some time to think about the colours and fonts that best suit your brand, as well as any patterns or motifs you’d like to include. It’s also important to put your brand logo in a place that’s easy to spot on the packaging.   


Labelling your products effectively is something all brands need to get right. The key thing to consider is what your labels needs to communicate. Your brand name and logo will be one of them, as well as an explanation of the product contents, materials or how to use it. For instance, if you’re selling a handbag, you may want the label to explain the materials it’s made from and how to look after it. Or if it’s a hair accessory or piece of jewellery, you may want the label to communicate how to wear it, operate the clasp and so on.  

Special touches

Customers often appreciate brands that go the extra mile. So why not include some special touches to your packaging? If you’re sending parcels of clothes or accessories in the post, you could pop a business card inside saying thank you for their order and asking them to tag you on social media in a snap with their new items. This can set you apart from your competitors by creating a strong personal connection with each individual customer and make them feel valued, encouraging them to buy from you again in future. It may also increase your reach on social media – so it’s a win-win! There are many amazing business card templates you can use to create a branded card for your customers, many of which are free!


You packaging should be good quality, easy to use and simple to dispose of. In today’s market, it’s more important than ever to think about how to make your packaging sustainable. For example, could you use biodegradable materials? Or make your packaging from 100% recycled materials? By taking an eco-friendly approach to your packaging, you can increase the sustainability of your company as a whole, as well as show your customers that you’re a responsible brand. This should help to impress customers and increase their loyalty to your store going forward.

By investing time and energy into creating effective and eye-catching packaging, you can take steps towards building a strong brand identity. Not only will this help you to stand out in a crowded market, but also impress and retain loyal customers.

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