Here is everything you need to know before planning to set up a Fashion Store


Setting up a fashion store isn’t only about retail but also concerns establishing brand identity. Unlike a typical clothing shop, a fashion store resonates with the more personalized preferences of the clients
while adhering to the latest trendsetting norms.

Moreover, with the ill-effects of the pandemic expected to subside in a regulated way, the emphasis of an upcoming fashion outlet should be on
innovation, tailored preferences, and utmost transparency.
While arranging for the investment, planning out the types of clothes and accessories, and zeroing in on the location are some of the most obvious aspects to look at, you must give additional attention to some of the more underrated yet crucial aspects that would determine the fate of your outlet in the short and long run.

Conduct Region-Wide Surveys
You cannot simply start retailing if you aren’t well-versed with the customer preferences of the region. Therefore, the best way to approach a fashion store is to analyze the nature of the existing stores in the concerned region and conduct relevant surveys accordingly. You can opt for third-party platforms like Survey Monkey for ascertaining the preferences of the existing populace. You can either opt for active surveys like talking to people and asking them to fill out forms, both online and offline, or go about the same passively i.e. by looking closely at the existing fashion stores
in and around your location.

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Project your Brand
Once you have conducted the surveys, you are expected to have a better idea of the offerings and store inclusions. This is the point where you should start projecting your brand via corrugated boards, acrylic hoardings, banners, retractable and long format posters, and other relevant essentials. This way, you would put the brand out in the open for the public to see and relate too, even before the store is live.

Promote Diligently
Despite your numerous efforts on social media platforms, the outlet would still need efficient retail store marketing & signage to thrive and prosper. You must start with flyers, customized cards, postcards, booklets, and labeled bags for adding a personalized touch along with the brand projection. Therefore, any customer who walks into your shop would also take your brand home, along with the product.
These three strategies need to be prioritized and accounted for, before you can even consider starting a new fashion outlet, especially in the post-pandemic era.


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