How much hair loss is considered normal?


If you are washing your hair and you look down the drain to see hairs you may start to panic. After all, no one wants to lose their hair. The good news is that this probably isn’t an issue. Everyone loses hair daily.

In fact, you will shed between 50 and 100 hairs every day! Some of these will be in the shower, others while you are brushing your hair, and some will be while you are sleeping. This is normal and generally referred to as shedding.

Of course, using high-quality shampoos, such as the Kevin Murphy, can help to keep your hair healthy and minimize unnecessary hair loss. Hair loss is a natural cycle, all hair grows and then eventually falls out, being replaced by new hair. Baldness occurs when hair falls out faster than it can be replenished, or it isn’t replenished. To both increase scalp coverage and reduce hair loss, you can try the topical spray Minoxidil.

Abnormal Hair Loss
If you are losing a lot more hair than you normally notice, especially if it is coming out in clumps, you may have another issue. In many cases this can be resolved, it simply means the hair is reaching the falling out stage sooner than it should be.

You will need to speak to a doctor as there are medical reasons why this could happen. But, it can simply be because of a poor diet, hormone imbalance, or even an infection that has been hard on your body. Identifying this will allow you to resolve the problem and get back to normal daily hair loss.

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