Three strand Braid hairstyle tutorial


The summer season is always good time to start changing your beauty routines and keep things simple in those hot days. From changing your skin care to trying out new hairstyles which will make your life easier.

Fab Fashion Fix brings new hairstyle tutorial for all of you braid lovers. After our previous tutorials where you could learn how to do “Fishtail braid“, “Waterfall braid“, “Twist around side braid“, “Braided headband“, “Dutch braid” and “Chinese staircase braid”, this time it`s time to do three strand braid or the so called – three stranded braid.

This type of braid is very similar to the French braid because both are made of three strands of hair. The difference is that while making the French braid you constantly take new section of hair and while doing this three strand braid you are constantly working with the same tree strands of hair from the beginning.

By following these easy steps and tips, you can master the art of making three strand braids even today. So take note on these easy tips:

1. Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail and then split your hair into three equal parts. 

2. Then split the far left section into two. Put one section under the middle section and the other one over the middle section. 

3. Then join those two hair sections as they become the new middle section.

4. Split the right hair section into two and then place the middle section between those two sections and join them. You are basically putting the middle section between those two separate pieces.

5. Repeat all of this until your hair is braided to the wanted length. Secure the ends of your braid with an elastic.

6. You can also make this braid look a bit messy by loosening it up just a bit all through the length of your braid.






Check out these step by step video tutorial below and master the art of three strand braided hair…

Images: Pinterest

Video: Youtube/TheBraidBook07 & Jennergizer


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