Chinese Staircase Braid Hairstyle Tutorial


For all of you ladies who always love trying out new hairstyles and have lots of patience, Fab Fashion Fix brings new braided hairstyle tutorial.

After our previous tutorials where you could in a few steps learn how to do “fishtail braid“, “waterfall braid“, “twist around side braid” and “braided headband“, it`s time to do the Chinese Staircase Braid. It sounds complicated, but it is not if you follow these steps:

1. First you take a strand from the front of your head and hold apart from the rest of your hair. Gather the rest of your hair to the side and secure with an elastic.

2. Grip the strand with one hand, and using the other wrap the strand around the front of the ponytail and loop it to create a knot.

3. Then gather another strand of hair from the ponytail and combine it with the end of your knot. You should use a small amount of gel to combine the two pieces if you want to avoid fly away hairs.

4. Then repeat step 3 on the new strand of hair. Continue these steps as far down as you would like.

5. Secure the bottom of your braid with an elastic.

Once you have mastered making the Chinese staircase braid, you can use that skill to easily do other variations of this hairstyle such as the Chinese staircase stitch braid ponytail.

Chinese Staircase Braid








messy braid bride

staircase braid




Check out the step by step video tutorials below…

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Video: Youtube/Alyssa Edwards/ bebexo/ Pretty Hair is fun-Girls hairstyles tutorial


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