Experience holidays and Christmas tree of Galeries Lafayette!


It`s Christmas Eve and all of you who still love those holiday traditions like decorating a Christmas tree and make Christmas backdrops for photo shooting, will pretty mush enjoy this post. Each Christmas, Paris shows the world why it deserves the title of “City of light”. There are many stunning places to discover in Paris during the festive season like Notre-Dame, the Champs-Elysées and especially delightful each year – the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Boulevard. 

This year xperience Christmas from another planet. Luminous baubles, shimmering planets…come and discover the cosmic Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann! Under a cosmic cloud, there emerges a giant Christmas tree made from meteors and silver. Welcome to the Milky Way, where the Christmas tree, dematerialized under a shower of stars, lights up the Coupole…

The Christmas window displays at the Galeries Lafayette recount Leon’s adventures in space through a series of amusing futuristic paintings. A huge Christmas tree decorated with golden and silver meteorites is displayed under the dome. Visitors of all ages can meet Leo the little robot, Who lives on the planet Scopi. Leon and his family-have set out are an intergalactic journey Towards a mysterious light.

As a finishing touch to this interstellar journey, the Galeries Lafayette is Spotlighting “Star Wars” with an exhibition of Stormtroopers helmets revisited by French artists, as well as events and window displays with a “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” theme.


Christmas Backdrops for photography


Images: galerieslafayette.com

Video: Youtube/Galeries Lafayette


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