Dress Up Comfortably And Safely For Horse Riding With These Helpful Tips


Planning to engage in horse riding soon? Probably your horse is even set for the event. The main question is whether you have the right equestrian attire ready. It is a brilliant thing to find apparel that is both comfortable and safe for you. These days, we have brands that are both modern but vintage at some level. The bottom line is finding the ones which make your horse riding session enjoyable.

Wide research on the options of the apparels will land you to the diverse choices. At times the dressing need not drain your pocket as there are quality brands out there that are affordable. Do a thorough analysis at the time of purchase whereby you check the type of fabric, size and shape, and elasticity elements. This should be done also on the hats, tops, legwear, and footwear. But, what exactly should I look for when procuring such equestrian products?

The Helmet

As a rider, your safety needs to come fast as you think of the dressing. Being at the whims of a large and energetic animal needs you to consider everything. At times, the high-speed riding sessions may result in some spillage from the horse. At the same time, accidents do happen when a paddle loosens. A helmet will act as your shield from head injuries.

The local tack stores can offer you several options of these supplies. When doing horse training, you may ask the trainer about the best brands to settle for. The main consideration is to settle for the helmets specially meant for horse riding. At times, it seems tempting to ride on your cycling helmet. A fall from a horse is different from that of a bike hence the type of helmets needed are in two different worlds. Find the government-approved brands to be on the safest side.

Dress Up Comfortably And Safely For Horse Riding With These Helpful Tips

The Jackets, Shirts, and Vests

Riders have a myriad of alternatives when it comes to the tops. The decision, however, ought to be made accurately. This is where you focus on issues such as weather, breathability, and flexibility as well. When planning to set for a long trail, think of the light shirts as they allow you to dissipate heat faster. Some riders prefer vests especially when it is hot.

When shopping for the tops, never forget to be specific to the size. However, due to the elastic nature of some fabrics, this may not be worrisome. The folks from Ayr Equestrian guide on which shirts are worth targeting. Consider the weather climatic conditions in general. For instance, during the winter or when it is extremely cold, there are equestrian jackets that one can target.

Most coats are designed to make the riding seamless. For instance, the shoulder areas are wider to allow free arm movement. They also have gussets which make it easy to spread over the saddle. Some brands also have reflective tapes which contribute to better visibility for other road users. This promotes your safety at night or when it’s foggy.

The Pants

Each time you set for a horse ride, ensure that your legwear is flexible. This is what makes you enjoy the whole trip. The last thing you want is to have some pants which are tight around the waist. The best option is to find two-way stretch tights as they promote your comfort. For the endurance riding sessions, you need to eliminate all the sources of discomfort and focus on the main purpose.

Look for the tights which are matching your body size. While shopping for this equestrian attire online, focus on the description of each brand well for better decision-making. If you prefer jeans, avoid the models which have been made of thick fabric. This is because they tend to wrinkle or bunch at the knees.

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Dress Up Comfortably And Safely For Horse Riding With These Helpful Tips

Horse Riding Boots

From your helmet, the boots rank high on the issue of protection. What you need to ensure is getting a pair that perfectly fits you. For better safety, it is prudent to go for boots with are of the right size. The tread thickness ought to be within the range of 1 to 1.5 inches. There may be no official testing limits but this is the safest size to go for.

The main aim of this is to make the bootless weighty. For the sturdy riding shoes, think along the same line. A perfectly fitting boot is significant as it prevents any slipping of the foot from the stirrup. Your stability on the ride heavily depends on the footwear.

As a horse-riding enthusiast, it is critical to look for ways to enjoy all your rides. This starts with having the right attire such as helmets, tops, legwear, and boots. Concentrate on both your safety and comfort while at the back of the horse. It is necessary to compare the different designs available before making any selection.


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