Cartier “Majestic Pink” Diamond


Diamonds are forever! The renowned French jeweler Cartier brings one more impeccable pink diamond – “Majestic Pink Diamond”, a 12.27 fancy pink diamond.  The cushion-cut diamond is mounted on an 18k rose gold and platinum ring, with an asking price of 6.053 million Euro (about $7.85 million).

12-carat-majestic-pink-diamond Cartier

Majestic Pink Diamond has characteristics VVS1, type IIa designation, which make it most sought among collectors. The VVS1 designation translates to “Very, Very Slightly Included,” denoting very high clarity—rare for a colored diamond of this size. Type IIa designation means that diamond is devoid of any imperfections, and is famous for its color.

7.8 million Majestic Pink Diamond Cartier 4

7.8-Million-Majestic-Pink-Diamond CARTIER (1)




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