Have a sneak peek into the trending swimwear of 2017


The world of swimwear is always trending and keeps changing now and then.

There is always a new and fresh brand that keeps flashing. You may even notice a never-before-seen styles that you can look forward to.

Are you impatiently counting the days when you would be able to escape to a beach, put on your favorite sunglasses and dive into a brand-new swimsuit? Then get ready!

Ladies! Here are some of the latest swimwear trends of 2017 about which we are excited about, and you should be excited as well. Have a look!


1. Sexy Off Shoulder Bikini Patterns
The off-shoulder bikini pattern is here to stay! The off-Shoulder styles in the swimwear gives you an ultra-sexy feeling. You can find various pairing with this trend like ruffled prints, bold colours, and some extra flowery patterns.

2. Plunging and Low Back One Pieces
Gone are the days of the boring long one-piece. In contemporary times, you will get the one-piece with a plunging neckline. This will add a spicy twist to the classic one-piece suit. The low-back one piece would make you feel like an ultimate beach goddess.

3. Strappy and Lacy Details
If you rotate your head 360-degree, you will get to see swimwear with straps and laces. This latest trend brings a sensual touch to the swimwear and looks gorgeous specifically in bold colours like black and red. Rock with this on-going trend, and you will be able to turn a few more heads on the beach.

4. Lingerie-Inspired
Inspired by the lacy lingerie, you would be eyeing this wave in the swimwear as well. This style statement is all about making women feel like a goddess on the beach. It is sophisticated, yet sensual. If you are not able to obtain one, redeem the Marks and Spencer FREE delivery code and get hefty discounts on your purchase.

5. Tassels
Another swimwear trend that has made the news is the Tassels. Tassels will add a few twirls to your existing beach look. Whether you are praising the hem of your bikini top, or the twirls are at the end of your string ties, tassels are a bit flirty to bring the best of your swimwear.

6. High Neck Tops
The high neck swimwear style is one of the most flattering trends out there. In the year of 2017, you will get some of the most bolder and fresher versions of the classic style and interesting cut outs though!

7. Cutouts
This trend has been one of the biggest in the past few years, and they are not going to fade away so soon. Cutouts are great to flaunt your beautiful bare body if strategically placed. You can look out for some interesting cutouts at unique places with unique shapes if you are going for a bold statement.

8. Crop Tops
For the year of 2017, it was high neck that stole the show. But this year, it is crop top bikini styles that are going to rock the swimwear world. If you are thinking to continue the trend for the next year as well, then you can even try for some bikini tops with cap sleeves as well.

9. Ruffles
This swimwear is layering up in most of the designer collections of 2017. It is perfect for those going for a fresh and pretty swimwear trend for their next vacation.

10. Wrap Around Bikinis
Flaunt your features with the key swimwear for the year of 2017 i.e. the wrap around bikinis. You can either try for double under-bust straps or just a wrapping fabric. Either way, this trend is perfect for showing your beautiful waistline and draw attention to your curvy figure.


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