Tips for Buying and Using Hair Extensions


If you’ve been looking at all the luscious locks displayed by celebs and realized that much of their hair magic comes from extensions, you might be ready to purchase hair aids for yourself. 

However, without having your very own hairdresser and stylist on hand like most famous people do, it can be a little challenging working out the best way to go about buying and using hair extensions.

Read on for some simple tips you can follow today.

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The Types Available

For starters, it is worthwhile understanding that hair extensions come in different types that you can choose from. For example, there are those made from synthetic materials, or those made from actual human hair. Synthetic products are typically of a lesser quality and can be easier to spot as “fake” hair.

Hair extensions made from human hair, on the other hand, are usually the preference for most people, because they give a more natural-looking result and can simply be treated like they are your own locks. Human-hair extensions are more expensive, so this is something to consider.

If you have the funds available to choose a top-of-the-line product, keep an eye out for extensions made from virgin human hair. These products are created using hair that has never been colored or processed before. As a result, it can be styled (cut, curled, or ironed), as well as easily colored. Lower-quality extensions can’t be treated the same way.

Also be aware that you can choose different options of hair extensions when it comes to attachments. If you’re after a simple, short-term solution for a special event or the like, consider clip-in hair extensions. These temporary products are usually quite affordable, and can be easily clipped in at home. You don’t have to worry about seeing a hairdresser to put these in; plus, clip-in hair extensions can, when cared for properly, actually last for several months.

If you’d prefer something more permanent, you might want to buy tape-in, sewn-in, or bonded hair extensions. Those which are taped in get attached to the roots of your hair using double-sided tape. They have customizable wefts and a “shelf life” of approximately six to eight weeks. Alternatively, sew-in hair extensions, also known as weaves, are small strips of hair (wefts) which get woven in using thread. These also last for up to a couple of months.

The most permanent solution, bonded hair extensions, are bonded to your hair via hot, ultrasonic waves. Also called “glue-ins” because of their method of application, these typically last from three to five months at a time.

Buying and Wearing Hair Extensions
When you’re ready to select hair extensions, it is always a good idea to purchase them from a store (brick and mortar or online) or a salon that specializes in the sale of these items and that has a good reputation for only stocking quality products. It is also wise to buy the most top-quality hair you have the funds for, as this will allow you to get the most value and wear out of the extensions you buy.

When comparing products, consider the end result you want to achieve. While for some people extensions are bought to add length to their hair, others are looking for more volume (or both). If you’re keen to make your mane look longer, wait until your existing locks are at least three inches long or more.

If you want a really natural look, or something particularly customized, then it is helpful to purchase individual strands. These can be used to fill in any gaps in your mane that need boosting, and can also be used to play with length and color. When it comes to versatility, a half head of extensions, or some clip-ins, can be the best bet because these make it simple to put your hair into many different up-dos.

Pros and Cons to Consider
The main benefit of buying hair extensions is that adding them can give you an instantly thicker, longer, and more lustrous-looking head of hair. In addition, extensions make it easy to change up your hair style, rather than having to wait for your locks to grow. There are lots of different choices to suit different budgets and styles as well.

As far as downsides go, you should consider the costs if you’re on a tight budget. This includes not just the purchase of the extensions themselves, but also the potential styling bills that you will have from visiting a salon for regular upkeep.

Also be wary of the older-style glue-in hair extensions that some places may be selling, since these were found to be damaging on many people. Furthermore, note that when you use synthetic hair extensions your styling options can be limited since these products can’t be heated, blow dried, and the like (the fibers can be damaged).


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