Hair: Seven main causes of hair damage


Hair quality, texture and appearance depends on many factors, and one of the most important is the right styling. Although the amount of treatment chemicals and hair that can handle depends on its type and composition, certain habits will further accelerate its damage.

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1. Chemical treatment of hair
Whether you want your curly hair to be straight or straight hair converted to curly, any chemical and thermal treatment of hair repercussions, especially if it is a low-quality products on previously treated hair. Although the effect of these treatments in salons is long, the recovery from damages would also be long. Bleaching is a more aggressive treatment than perms. Namely by the fact that hair losses its natural pigment and when being so brightened, it is essential that chemicals which are doing the whitening penetrate through the cuticle into the inner part of the fiber – the cortex. In this way the natural structure of the hair is violated. The hair is weakened and more susceptible to damage because it is the cortex who is responsible for the strength, elasticity and texture of hair. When chemicals for bleaching add up to those of products for styling and blow drying of the hair often, the result is lifeless hair split ends.

2. Washing too often
Although appropriate frequency of washing hair depends on your hair type, washing too often will inevitably deprive the hair of natural essential oils and dry scalp. Thin or short hair will endure daily shampooing, while for the thick, dry or treated hair it is more suitable to wash the hair every two days. This is especially true for long hair, because the natural oils that protect the hair and give them hydration should go a long way from root to tip.

3. Too much shampoo / bad rinse
Excessive amount of shampoo you use when washing can easily achieve the opposite effect and actually dry out your hair. Also, the remains of shampoo on the scalp will cause a buildup of oil, which will make it difficult hair and make it dull.


4. The use of too many hair styling products
If you are not going out on the runway, there is no reason to apply a hair six different means of fixing or shine. Do you think you need more than one product for styling? You can find the right product for your hair fastening. In general, gels use of smooth and glossy look, lacquer spray raised voluminous hair, foam to increase the volume and density of hair and wax for short or layered haircuts rich texture.

5. Combing or styling wet hair
Hair is the most sensitive and the most susceptible to damage precisely when it is wet – rough brushing, rubbing a towel or brushing can easily damage the hair keratin layer – the cuticle. Instead of rubbing briskly with a towel dry your hair, squeeze squeeze water out of it. If you have long hair that is easy to become trapped, in the shower, apply conditioner and comb with wide tooth comb before washing. Never use a brush on wet hair – brushing wet hair is too stretched and a lot easier to shoot.


6. Improper or too frequent use of stylers
Very high temperature for straightening or curling hair can literally fry your hair, especially the ends where hair is the thinnest and most delicate. Exposed to extreme temperatures, the hair loses its elasticity and therefore easy to shoot. Invest in high-quality machines for forming a thermal protection, and set them to work at a reasonable temperature. Silicone oils, crystals and other hair products are the best prevention if the hair is too often exposed to heat. For example, the working temperature of the iron for straightening or curling hair can reach up to 180C.


7. Inserts and extensions
Cheap synthetic extensions insertedwith based adhesive wax is the worst nightmare that you can prepare for your hair. Damage will be much higher because it will be closer to the root of the hair and it will look hard and messy and when removing will mess up and further damage. Frequent wearing poor quality or too long extension it is possible to move the hairline and even permanent damage to the hair roots. However, if you want instant long and abundant hair, well ask what the extensions are used in salons, such as the composition of the adhesive, a way to keep and how much the person who installed them professional and experienced.


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