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Have you ever wanted to have glowing skin like celebrities and know their beauty secrets? Hollywood actress Liv Tyler who has been in the spotlight ever since her teenager days, revels her beauty and health secrets for Into The Gloss. As a beauty icon she is best known for her natural look, healthy looking and glowing porcelain skin.

In beauty interview for Into The Gloss, Liv reveals that her perfectly high-low beauty routine involves hydrogen peroxide and La Mer skin care products.

She stated: “My favorite red lipstick is Rio Rio by Topshop. It’s this amazing orange-y red. It was Alexa Chung’s suggestion, actually! I saw her once and I said, ‘Chunginator, what’s your lip color?’ She told me it was from Topshop and I was like, ‘Get out of town!’”

Liv believes in daily beauty routine and in exfoliating skin, she said: “That being said, I think that exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin, I really do. I use scrubing gloves every day in the shower. They just make you glow and get your blood flowing… Your skin is your biggest organ! It’s important to slough off dead cells all the time. For example, today I flew in on a red eye from L.A. and slept for four hours. So, I took a steam shower with essential oils and I scrubbed my skin, conditioned my hair, and I used the Clarisonic—just that gets your blood flowing. Your skin is flushed, awake, and alive.”

She also uses different kinds of moisturizers every day: I use different creams and moisturizers. I really like Nia25 Intensive Recovery Complex and NeoCutis BioRestorative Skin Cream, which my godmother and dermatologist told me about. It’s almost like La Mer, in that it’s soothing and very non-allergenic feeling; you can just keep loading it on and it really hydrates. After I put on my normal moisturizer, I rub tons of La Mer into my lips and then I use it as a spot treatment—a little bit under my eyes, around my nose, above my top lip. My favorite light moisturizer is Remède Alchemy Emulsion, which smells so beautiful—I’ve been using it since I was, like, 15. But the Cetaphil cream pot is my favorite, favorite, favorite moisturizer—I use it all the time, after the shower, every day. It holds the water in, and makes you have beautiful skin. At night, I’ve been using these little Pomega5 oil capsules from Bliss.

Further more, this beauty icon says: “When you put a bit more effort into some things, the results are wonderful, especially as a woman—in your health, your body, your skin, your hair.”


Read the whole beauty interview with Liv at Into The Gloss website:

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