Beauty: How to Strengthen Your Eyelashes


Many women will agree that thick long eyelashes enhance the beauty of your eyes. There are a number of simple ways to emphasize your natural beauty, but nothing can complement the overall appearance of a fascinating, twisted, and voluminous lashes.


Eyelashes as well as eyebrows, have a life cycle. There are numerous factors that may affect that cycle such as the health, age, certain drugs, unhealthy diets and even the manner and means of removing eye shadow and mascara. If you notice that your eyelashes fall out more than usual or have weakened sharply should examine possible causes:

– Mascara is the most important beauty product for most women and it is surely the most common cause of impairing or slow growth of eyelashes. Whether it’s a classic or waterproof version is extremely important to know how to properly remove all makeup from the eye area. To avoid long-term damage to the lashes stand out a little more money for a nice and gentle makeup remover. Soak a cotton pad with remover, gently to adhere the lashes to loosen the mascara and gently brush the eyelashes. Removing make-up before going to sleep is of utmost importance to sleep because his eyelashes with mascara or lashes its ruins seem weak, dry, and finally – drops out.

– The improper use eyelash curlers can also cause harm. Never twist the lashes you apply mascara before, if necessary. Like other cosmetic accessories and curling to be cleaned: once a month go cotton pad soaked in alcohol and replace the rubber when they become worn or weakened.

– The change of mascara and allergic reactions to some of the ingredients, frequently changing mascara can cause allergic reactions and excessive shedding lashes. In this case, it is necessary to stop the use and consult a doctor.

-The use an old mascara: check shelf life of mascara. Usually it lasts for 6-8 months from the opening of the product, all the manufacturers listed on the packaging or in the booklet with the products on the stand. Upon expiry toss mascara to avoid unpleasant consequences.


– The irregular and often use artificial lashes poorly attached to the adhesive lashes can lead to adhesion of natural lashes to fall out when removing mascara.

– Unhealthy or rigorous diets and excessive stress: increase your intake of protein and vegetables rich in antioxidants.

In order to encourage the growth of eyelashes, just like hair, they need to be nurtured. Base Mascara is one of the ways in which lashes can provide the necessary care and boost growth at the same time protect them from the damaging effects of the environment and the frequent use of colored mascara. The texture of the mascara base usually creamy white color, and contains nourishing ingredients like seaweed extract, silk, natural waxes, vitamin E and vitamin B5. Apply before mascara in color but some manufacturers say that it can be used alone, usually at bedtime as a treatment for eyelashes.

Recent hit among cosmetic surgery is the liquid medicine treatment for extension, density and darkening the lashes. Called Latisseu, liquid medicine that is applied to the upper eyelid lash line for a period of 16 days after which the manufacturer guarantees a longer, thicker and darker eyelashes – just like effect that is achieved by applying mascara. The company that launched the drug is already known to the public for the production of Botox as the best advertisement they chose Brooke Shields and Claire Danes for protective facial products.

If you prefer homemade recipes try olive oil, which is known for its nourishing properties. Some studies have shown that pregnant women who consume olive oil and omega fat acids have children with long eyelashes and shiny. Apply a few drops of oil on the cotton swab and swipe clean lashes.
Castor and almond oil are particularly effective for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Oil can be bought in drug stores and pharmacies at truly affordable prices. Oil is easier to apply mascara brush already consumed. Brush wash and disinfect and then apply oil to the lashes as you apply mascara – from roots to tops. It will make your lashes thicker, stronger and brighter and encourage their growth.


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