Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2014 collection


American fashion designer Vera Wang unveiled the lookbook for her new ultra chic Pre-Fall 2014 collection which incorporates dark femininity with fresh and sporty elements. The color palette was quite monochrome Рblack color combine with shades of grey and a few dark green pieces. There are a lot of outstanding outerwear pieces such as wool cape jacket, satin coats with mink details, parka jacket with hood, wool trench jacket and coat vest, all of which makes this collection perfect for day to evening looks. The focus was very much on dresses Рstretch sleeveless shift dress, strapless cutout dress, sheath dress with mink long sleeves, pleated kimono dress and column gown; while a few pencil skirts were combined with cozy black merino wool oversized pullovers. Overall this was very elegant collection as it is always expected from Wang do deliver.


Carolina Thaler (Nathalie) VeraWang_001_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_002_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_003_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_004_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_005_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_006_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_007_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_008_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_008_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_009_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_010_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_011_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_012_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_013_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_014_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_015_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_016_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_017_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_018_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_019_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_020_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_021_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_022_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_023_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_024_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_025_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_026_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_027_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_028_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_029_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_030_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_031_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_032_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_033_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_034_1366.1366x2048 VeraWang_035_1366.1366x2048 Images:


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