Top Tricks To Be More Photogenic


There are people who love the camera and the camera seems to love them back. Being photogenic is not a natural trait though and everyone can become more photogenic.

Taking great pictures is a matter of practice more than anything else. You have to get comfortable expressing yourself naturally in front of a camera.

As with many other disciplines, there are tricks of the trade that can help you become more photogenic. The following are some of the best of these tricks:

  1. Find Your Angle

When you look at most people who are photogenic, you will notice that many of their pictures are taken from a particular angle. They already figured that they look better in pictures when they position their faces at a certain angle.

The reason why you need to find your angle is that the vast majority of people have asymmetrical faces. The camera will reveal the asymmetry clearly which will lead to poor photos.

You should use a mirror and take many selfies to establish the right angle for you. The more you take pictures from your ideal angle, the more photogenic you will appear.

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Top Tricks To Be More Photogenic

2. Makeup

Makeup is a great tool you can use to take better photos. It will apply more to women than men though since the former are the ones who typically use makeup. However, men who are willing to use makeup can also benefit from its use.

The key is to apply the makeup in a manner that will reveal your best features on the camera. It is particularly important to think about how the camera flash will affect the tone of your skin when applying make-up.

 You should also match your neck to your skin when applying makeup before a photoshoot. Most people have pale necks which have bad results in photographs.

3. Editing/ Retouching toolkit

Thanks to technology, taking good photos has never been easier. You can vastly improve the quality of your pictures by editing them.

You will still have to take a decent picture to edit it into a great one. However, with tools such as the retouching toolkit for lightroom, you can make even a poor photo look good. You can change the lighting, enhance the scene and modify your images in many other ways.

Editing your photos is necessary especially if you are not photogenic. The better you look in your photos, the more confident you will be which will translate into your photos.

4. Open Eyes

One thing that many non-photogenic people do is close their eyes when the picture is being taken. It makes people look very awkward in photos.

If you want to look more photogenic, there is a trick that you can use. You should close your eyes and slowly open them before the click of the camera.

It ensures that your eyes remain open and that the flash of the camera doesn’t affect you. The flash is what causes many people to close their eyes.

5. Posture

Your posture is important for many aspects of your life. Improving your posture is one way to look more photogenic.

You need to ensure that you stand or sit up straight whenever you are taking photos. It portrays confidence and puts the body in a comfortable position which clearly translates to photos.

You should always pay attention to your posture whenever you are taking photographs. In some cases, you might have to fake it till you make it, as the popular adage goes.

The benefit of proper posture goes way beyond taking great pictures. It will benefit your health especially your spine and back.

6. Clothing

What you wear in a photo will have a significant impact on how you look. Unfortunately, most non-photogenic people tend to wear bulky clothing to photoshoots which is not appealing.

A popular myth is that the camera adds pounds. Regardless of its truth or not, bulky clothing is not flattering and looks worse on camera.

Moreover, the clothes will take attention to your best features. You should show off your style in as many pictures as you take. Light and thin fabrics are the best options for photoshoots as they are the most flattering to your form.

7. Keep it Simple

Many of the people who take bad pictures do so because they try too hard. They will try to do too much and will look bad in photos.

A great tip to remember when taking photos is to keep it simple. The simpler the better. Standing straight and looking ahead beats a pose almost every time.

The above are a few tricks and tips that you can use to look more photogenic. Better yet, you can use them to take better pictures for the rest of your life. If you constantly practice, taking great pictures should soon become second nature.



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