Top Effective Ways To Stay Cool During Hot Weather


It is difficult to enjoy your summer break if the sweltering temperatures keep you on your feet and make you uncomfortable. Constant sweating and feeling dehydrated are common sights on hot summer days.

Instead of whining about the heat, enjoy your summer holidays by finding ways to stay cool. They not only keep you comfortable but also keep heat-related issues away. Consider these top effective ways to stay cool and enjoy the summer days. 

1. Take a Cold Shower

Needless to say, a cold shower is the answer to all body heat-related issues. It improves blood circulation, regulates internal body temperature, and opens skin pores. As soon as the cold water hits your body, it will get into a state of shock and trigger your blood flow, which improves circulation and provides extra energy throughout the day. With improved blood circulation, your organs will function better and your skin will improve. As you can see, there are several benefits of taking a cold shower apart from staying cool. To stay fresh and cool during the night, shower before you go to bed. Since cold showers can strip off natural oils from your skin. It’s best to monitor the times you actually hop into the shower to better take care of your skin.

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Cool During Hot Weather

2. Get Light Bedding

During summer, you may not get proper sleep if your bedding is hot and heavy. The last thing you want when you sleep is to get drenched in sweat. The easiest way to combat this situation is to change your sheets and bedding to sleep in comfort. Light cotton sheets are the best for summers as they keep you cool and comfortable at night. They are breathable and keep you cool all night. Along with the sheets, change your blanket too. If you fear getting cold in the middle of the night, keep a comforter on your bed. 

3. Invest in an Air Conditioner

If you haven’t installed an air conditioner in your house yet, it is high time you do, especially if you live in a hot region. The AC unit you get should be energy-efficient and not pile up your monthly bills. Since you will be running your AC for the most part of the day, the monthly bills will likely overshoot your monthly expense. This is why you must be extra careful when choosing a unit. Invest in a Portable Air Conditioner to easily move it around your house and stay cool wherever you go. While getting an air conditioner is a wise choice, make sure that it is serviced regularly to keep its condition intact. 

4. Improve Insulation

While insulation is primarily perceived as improving the heating of a house to keep warm during the winter, it can also indicate managing cold air to keep interiors cool. If you notice any leaks or cracks on your openings or HVAC system, it can result in cool air seeping out, thereby making your house hotter.

A very simple trick is to close your curtains and blinds when it gets too hot. It will prevent your indoor spaces from absorbing heat and keep them cool throughout the day. You can also place a wet cloth sheet on the window and other openings to keep your indoors cool. Once the air from the outdoors hits the damp cloth, it will transfer cool moisture inside your home due to evaporation. 

5. Get More Indoor Plants

Apart from making any space look good, plants can also help you stay cool in hot weather. Find indoor plants that improve air circulation and cool the indoor air. This is a cheaper alternative to investing in cotton sheets or running the air conditioner. Some indoor plant types that keep the air cool and regulate internal temperature through transpiration are ficus tree, aloe vera, snake plant, fern, and golden pothos. 

6. Put a Cold Compress or Ice Pack

Just like a wet cloth keeps your interior spaces cool, an ice pack can keep your body cold and regulate its temperature. Prepare an ice pack and place it on your head like a hat. You can also secure it to a piece of cloth and strap it on your head to stay cool during summers. If you are feeling extremely hot, place ice cubes over your temples, groin, neck, wrists, and other pulse points. You should also keep drinking water to stay hydrated as your body tends to lose a lot of water due to excessive sweating in summer. 

These simple yet effective tips will keep you cool during hot summer days. Other simple tricks include eating spicy food and using the kitchen as little as possible. Since spicy foods make you sweat, you will instantly feel cooler as your body regulates internal temperature. If you live in an extremely hot region, you must use one or more of these tips to keep cool and enjoy the season to its fullest. 



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