Top 3 Benefits of IPL Hair Removal


Hair removal can be a tedious and expensive process. Whether an individual prefers shaving, waxing, or threading, one thing is for sure. It’s going to get expensive over the course of a lifetime. Not only is there the cost to worry about, but it can be time consuming and inconvenient as well. There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a big night out and realizing that there are no razors or shaving cream left in the medicine cabinet. 

Now, IPL laser hair removal is making the process easier, less expensive, and more convenient for everyone. Brands like Exobeauty, Kenzzi, and Tria, offer an in-home device that can help you achieve the smooth and silky look. Keep reading to learn more about what the IPL hair removal process entails, and the top 3 benefits of using the home devices. 

What Is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal, an abbreviation for intense pulsed light technology, is the process of permanently reducing or eliminating hair in unwanted places by way of emitting broad-spectrum light at various wavelengths. IPL devices are small, often fitting in the palm of the hand and are relatively inexpensive. The price may range from under $100 to upwards of a few hundred dollars depending on the model and they’re an excellent investment. With many devices providing lasting results in as little as 8 to 12 weeks, it’s a quick way to banish unwanted hair forever. 

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Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

There are many benefits of IPL laser hair removal. So many, in fact, that many individuals purchase an IPL device and never return to shaving, waxing, or threading again. 

  1. IPL Hair Removal Saves Money Long-Term

The cost of shaving, waxing, and threading adds up quick. In fact, some estimates state that even using cheap razors and shaving cream can cost a person thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime. Waxing appointments can cost even more. However, when you purchase an IPL hair removal device you make a one-time investment and get results that last. 

  1. IPL Hair Removal Saves Time

It’s no secret that shaving in the shower takes time. And going to waxing or threading appointments includes a commute, sitting in the waiting area, plus the time spent removing hair. All this time adds up. Experts state that the average person will spend 800 hours shaving throughout the course of their lives. However, with IPL hair removal sessions individuals can target unwanted hair in a matter of minutes, from the comfort and privacy of home. 

  1. IPL Hair Removal Provides Lasting Results

With shaving, waxing, and threading, hair gets removed, but it always grows back. Sometimes, it grows back fairly quickly. An individual may need to shave as frequently as everyday for skin that looks smooth and flawless. When a person uses an IPL hair removal device the results last. Over time, there will be less of a need to continue using the device as hair is permanently eliminated. For many, this is the greatest benefit of all. 


Is IPL Hair Removal Right for You?

IPL hair removal is a safe and effective way to manage unwanted facial and body hair. Many devices can be used on sensitive areas, such as the upper lip or bikini line, as well as on areas including the legs, underarms, and back. Side effects are generally mild, if they present at all, and can include a slight redness, tingling, or burning sensation that subsides quickly after use. If you’re looking for a hair removal method that works, with results that are sure to last, IPL hair removal may be right for you.


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