Things Your Shoes Secretly Say About You


Shoes give away your personality even before you utter a single word. Yes, you heard that right; there are credible studies that confirm the assertion.

A stranger could roughly sum you up by throwing a casual glance. However, it is not as bad of an idea as it sounds. Shoes reflect your personality, and you can make a choice what part of it you wish to show by carefully choosing what you wear.

So, what is your usual choice of shoes? If they fall into any of the categories below, check to see that they accurately communicate your persona.

Costly Shoes

Well, this shows your pockets are deep, and you don’t mind spending the extra dime on yourself. You have a unique sense of fashion, and you know how to achieve its objectives. The only problem, however, is your friends might expect you to pick up the next restaurant bill.

Old but Well-Maintained Shoes

You are an industrious individual. Who else would be so dedicated to keeping an old pair of shoes wearable? People assume, rightfully so, that your hard work applies to other aspects of your life as well. So, next time you decide to pick up your old pair, remember to practice the dedication they likely expect of you.

Cowboy Boots

You are extremely confident, and you prefer being in charge. You don’t spend time proving things; you get them done. Such confidence is likely to attract the attention of those seeking to solve issues—you don’t mind helping either.

Image via Flickr by Claudia Daggett.

Colored Shoes

This group consists of those who don’t mind attention. While usually extroverts, some experts have suggested they could also be introverts who manifest a great deal of confidence. Those that see you in colored shoes will likely assume that you are enjoyable to be around. The next time you go out sporting printed shoes, be ready to bring the fun.

High Heel Shoes

This group has divided experts. Some specialists argue that ladies who wear high heel shoes exhibit high emotional stability; a few others think the opposite. One thing they agree on, however, is that the shoes make the ladies more attractive.

Custom-Made Shoes

Anybody that goes for custom-made shoes is making a bold statement. It is not only a show of class but also a manifestation of leadership. Individuals in this group do not want to follow the crowd; they are keen on setting the trend. It is a means of exerting their sense of fashion in society. The talk that follows their innovation excites them. Several celebrities fall in this category.

Wearing different shoes for different occasions is something we have learned over several centuries. People don’t walk into stores to buy random pairs of shoes; they buy shoes that they think best represent who they are. You can, as a result, determine someone’s personality by peeking at his choice of footwear. In this regard, shoes are much more than objects we use to protect our feet. They are symbols of style through which we send messages about who we are.


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