The Extravagant and unique Chanel No.5 perfume


One of the most famous perfumes in the world is the iconic Chanel No.5. perfume. The never forgotten Hollywood diva and fashion icon Marilyn Monroe among other things will also always be remembered by her declaration that while in bed she only wears a few drops of Chanel No.5. perfume.


In fact, Chanel has recently presented their bestseller perfume in “very rare, collectors shape” named Chanel. 5th Grand Extrait at the price of non-small 4200 dollars for 887 ml. However, Chanel does not justify the astronomical price changes only with the amount of perfume. The perfume bottle itself is of exceptional quality and is located in manually composed, artistically manufactured housing. Of course, the number of copies being produced is limited.


Although this is exactly the same Chanel perfume that you can buy in any perfume store and is identical to that perfume of the legendary Coco Chanel, presented back then on 5th May 1921., the question that rises is – How profitable is such a purchase? Specifically, once opened perfume bottle should be consumed within two to more than four years since then the fragrances loses its intensity. Bearing in mind that the average woman spends ounce perfume in a year, the owner of Chanel No. 5th Grand Extrait would have to bathe in it.





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