Style Watch: Bright-White Sneakers Dominate Summer Footwear


Black-and-white fashion almost never goes out of style. Black suits, and solid black pumps, white T-shirts, and of course, white wedding dresses. Their classic colours make them timeless, and we just keep reinventing new ways to utilise the traditional look with today’s trends.

So what’s the latest way to take advantage of these effortlessly classy colours? Bright-white sneakers.

Instead of classic summer flip flops and strappy sandals, more and more people are switching things up with a pair of pristine white, comfy sneakers. An editorial from Times of India highlighted everyone from Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid to Deepika Padukone and Miranda Kerr wearing the style.


Adidas sneakers.

And it’s no wonder the look is so popular. Just a quick glance at Lyst’s summer looks proves that the style can be great dressed down with some jeans or a cute pair of shorts, and surprisingly just as amazing when paired with a dress, skirt, or a good pair of slacks. Wear them to the beach, while you’re shopping, or during a girl’s night out—they’re really perfect for almost any occasion. Plus, they’re a lot more comfortable than a pair of heels or a narrow pair of wedges.

However, you can’t take the style’s versatility for granted. You can still make a pretty bad fashion faux pas if you don’t maintain your white sneakers properly.

According to an article from Wall Street Journal, if you want to wear your sneakers like fashionable pieces, you have to treat them as such. It’s crucial to keep them in tip-top condition, so they always look their absolute best, instead of similar to the shoes you use for the gym and yard work.

You can keep them spotless and smudge free with simple cleaning techniques. First, take preemptive measures and apply a layer of Scotchgard before you wear your new sneakers. Then, when they inevitably get a little dirty, use a soft sponge and water to remove loose soil. For tougher stains, try a small, diluted amount of dish soap mixed with water, or you can also spot clean with a Tide Pen or OxiClean.

Even if all-white sneakers aren’t your thing, you can’t go wrong sporting bright-white clothes and accessories this summer. Except for tighty-whities lol, they’re the one exception to the rule. But if you have those in your wardrobe, you probably have more pressing fashion problems to attend to anyway.


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