Style Watch: 5 fashion tendencies started by celebrities


Cinema stars always had a tremendous impact on women, style, and fashion. So there is nothing surprising to learn that some of them might even start some tendencies too! And although some fashion trends were very short and didn’t last for long (in some cases – thank god for that!) some of them are loved even now and will not be forgotten for long.

Today I am going to talk about five fashion tendencies which were all started by celebrities we all love. I bet that some of those trends you tried out too! Want to bet?


1. Sarah Jessica Parker and Manolo Blahnik shoes
“Sex and the City” star really shook the understanding of women’s style. Soon after the show started to air, Sarah’s character began to become an example of all women who are not afraid to take some real fashion risks.
Until now, the most famous and largest trends started by Sarah Jessica Parker are Manolo Blahnik shoes, sometimes referred to as just “Manolos” too. The popular actress showed that woman’s legs should always be decorated with elegant and classy shoes, which soon became synonymous with a sexy woman too. Good thing that this trend is still pretty popular and we can still find many fashionable and style daring fashionistas all over the world.

2. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and bohemian style
For most of their childhood, these two celebrities sisters were constantly wearing designer-made clothing which TV shows stylists proposed to them. But after growing up and ending active career on television, these two decided to turn their styles to other direction – this time more bohemian and freer. And this is how they accidentally started a super popular trend as well.
Instead of tight dresses or narrow pants, they would rather choose oversize sweaters, ponchos, and huge bags. Soon this style was followed not only by their fans but later by fashion experts too. Moreover, twin sisters actually launched a fashion line as well, called The Row. So you can directly shop from those stars that started it all!


3. Jennifer Aniston and Rachel’s haircut
How can we talk about fashion trends and not mention the biggest one ever? The famous sitcom “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston conquered almost half of the world both with her acting and with her hairstyle, which at that time attracted incredible popularity. And yes – that particular haircut is actually called the “Rachel haircut” and it is considered to be one of the most influential hairstyles in fashion’s history. Only two years ago Jennifer Aniston admitted that she actually hated the famous haircut, and she always believed that that was the worst hair she had during filming.

4. Mark Wahlberg and baggy jeans
Another fashion trend was actually started by a guy celebrity – super hot Mark Wahlberg! Did you ever think that this fashion trend was introduced by representatives of hip-hop? Wrong. Although this style was pretty famous in the past, the real popularity of man’s baggy jeans with slightly showing underwear underneath was started after the iconic Calvin Klein’s ad with Mark himself and another iconic model Kate Moss. And that happened a few year before all rappers and hip-hopers started wearing their pants in the same way. So – Mark was the first!

5. Kurt Cobain and flannel shirts
When the eighties “grunge” movement has taken a huge step backwards, in street’s fashion, we could notice a very popular trend actually started by Kurt Cobain. The lead singer of Nirvana especially liked simple flannel shirts, and it was hard to see him without them. So, we can bravely say, that Kurt was the one who started this fashion trend which is still popular nowadays too!
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