Style Watch: 10 fashion hacks every woman needs to know


Whether it’s knowing how to stop your favourite heels from rubbing your feet or finding the best way to store your handbags and accessories – fashion hacks can make daily outfit choices so much easier. 

They can also keep your favourite pieces looking better for longer.

We’ve teamed up with a personal shopper to compile a list of 10 fashion hacks that every woman needs to know.

1. Ironing a button up shirt, dress or skirt
Ironing clothing that fastens with a row of buttons can be challenging and time-consuming. To ensure that these items get ironed correctly and are left free of creases, simply turn the item inside out and iron on the reverse.

2. Fix a sticky zipper in seconds
This hack sounds a little strange but it’s really effective. If you have a zipper that is a little sticky and doesn’t glide open and close as smoothly as it once did then using a graphite pencil can work wonders. Rub the teeth of the zipper with the pencil and move the zip up and down a few times until it glides smoothly again.

3. Rid your clothes of unattractive perspiration stains
Yellow sweat stains happen to the best of us. To keep your white tops and blouses looking their best, we have a super simple fashion hack. Decant lemon juice into a spray bottle and lightly spray the affected area before washing as usual. Don’t worry if some stains are harder to budge than others. If you do not get the desired result with the first wash, simply repeat the process.

4. Protect your canvas accessories
Canvas bags and shoes are the perfect addition to any summer outfit but don’t deal well with water. One of the simplest ways to waterproof these items is by applying a thin layer of beeswax over the surface. Make sure to test a small area first before applying the beeswax all over. Once you’re done applying the beeswax, just set with a regular hair dryer using the lowest heat setting.

5. Strengthen your tights with hairspray
If your tights seem to have a mind of their own and ladder unexpectedly then this hack could save you a pretty penny. Simply spray your tights with regular hairspray to prevent them from splitting and laddering.

6. Drying hand-wash only items
If you’re in a rush and your ‘hand-wash only’ top is taking a lifetime to dry then we may have the perfect hack for you. Pop hand-washed items in a salad spinner to dry them off. Drying this way is quicker than leaving them on the line and doesn’t damage the clothing in any way.

7. Find small jewellery items quickly and easily
Tiny delicate items of jewellery add sophistication and interest to any outfit but can be a nightmare to find if dropped on the floor. One of the easiest ways to locate small items such as studs or earring backs is to use your trusty vacuum cleaner. Cover the end of the vacuum cleaner with a thin sock or pair of tights and vacuum the area where you’re searching.

8. Perfect patent
Patent shoes and bags can get a little bit grubby from time to time. To safely restore your patent pieces, use regular windex to keep them looking their best.

9. Soak up oil stains with baby powder
If you find an oil stain on your favourite handbag, this can be removed with good old talcum powder. Simply cover the stain in talcum powder and leave it overnight. By the morning, the stain should be gone. More stubborn stains may take more than one application to achieve the desired effect.

10. Use a hairdryer when breaking in new shoes
One of the best ways to stop a new pair of shoes from rubbing your feet is to use your hairdryer. Put on a pair of thick socks and then the new shoes. Now apply heat from your hairdryer! The heat will help the material to soften so say goodbye to uncomfortable blisters for good.

Hopefully, the fashion hacks listed will help you to avoid one or two fashion faux pas. Fashion hacks are the perfect way to keep your fashion choices simple without having to compromise on style.


Whether it’s knowing how to stop your favourite heels from rubbing your feet or finding the best way to store your handbags and accessories – fashion hacks can make daily outfit choices so much easier. Photo: Youtube/Zabrena


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