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Next Sunday is Valentine’s Day and most of us will be exchanging gifts with our special someone. Time with the one you love is always well spent and that is why giving an elegant watch this Valentine`s day will be a gift to remember. Fab Fashion Fix brings Valentine’s Day 2016 gift guide to finding the perfect watch for your partner…


1. The Fifth Watches New York Classic line has classic styling in an ultra-thin casing. Two genuine leather straps give two looks for the price of one. The Soho model ($150) has polished white rose gold case and silver indexing in the SoHo create a dynamic and chic design. This one is perfect for women who love classics. Paired with either the stitched peach or light grey leather strap this timepiece will never fail as a fantastic edition to your wardrobe.


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2. Best known for their unique and stylish designs, the JORD Wood Watches are finest hand-crafted all-natural wood watches which are perfect for those who are passionate about keeping environment safe. This Valentine`s day give you sweetheart the gift of Purpleheart & Plum watch from Frankie Series ($179). Minimalism and color in motion, a synchronized canvas of moments. Find elegance with ease in the ultra slim case powered by a Swiss movement and enjoy the comfort of the straight line strap. The uncomplicated face allows focus, the streamlined shaping offers style. Wear time well with the Frankie Purpleheart & Plum.





3. The Cluse Watches stand for finding beauty in simplicity, being grounded, sophisticated and true to oneself. The Minuit collection pays a tribute to starry nights and elegant evening looks. The Minuit mesh gold and black watch ($111) features a 33mm case, where black is combined with gold details to create a beautiful minimal timepiece. The strap can be easily interchanged, allowing you to personalise your watch. The delicate design of this featherlight watch makes it the perfect accessory for a fashionable, yet subtle result.


Photo: Instagram/Clusewatches


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4. Fjord Timepieces bring Scandinavian design has an overriding theme of pragmatic simplicity, typically characteristic of Scandinavian design, which is resolutely elegant but also sympathetic to an intelligent and contemporary use of materials. The inspiration behind the Celilia collection lies in the clear skies of the North. The model FJ-6004-55 Celilia ($148) is a distinct timepiece is defined by a graceful design, a vivid combination of ceramic and stainless steel in shades of black and white. Minimal and refined, it reveals a subtle crystal at 12 o’clock.



5. The Cora Maple & Lavender watch ($275) is another design of JORD Wood Watches and it reminds us of blooming spring and warm summer days. The vivid hues of lavander color will make every girl`s heart melt while graphic prints and enticing textures will leave the stylish mpression. The elements of your everyday are meant to excite, you could never be confused for a shrinking violet. Like our Cora, brightly hued lavender bursts from the center of the blond maple casing like an explosive summer bloom. Crafted to be adored, our Cora was created for you.





6. Perfect for him, the Fifth Watches Brooklyn model from New York Classic line is comprised of intricate complexities through the different surfaces and textures. The black sandblasted case with polished gunmetal grey indexing creates a multifaceted timepiece. Brooklyn ($150) comes with two black bands in genuine Italian leather and suede.



7. The JORD Wood Watch will make every man standout from the other boys. Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood watch ($295) from Dover series was tailored to fit, your moves are always measured. The details are essential to the overall design of your days because when all the angles are worked out, the path is clear. Determined and purposeful, your time is never wasted. The synchronized style you seek can be found in our Dover Zebrawood & Cream, a striking study in complex and calculated design.





8. The FJ-3017-33 Finn ($155) from Fjord Timepieces was designed with an innovative and urban Scandinavian approach. A unique statement piece with a square-shaped stainless steel case and an elegant face with two subdials. Complete with full-grain leather or stainless steel mesh band, it provides a strong and contemporary look.



9. La Roche Full Black Marble ($178) was designed as a tribute to one’s uniqueness. This CLUSE La Roche watch features a genuine black marble dial, produced from a raw stone. Every piece of marble is one of a kind with a natural veining pattern, which makes each La Roche timepiece entirely unique. Loyal to our minimal aesthetic, this collection features a 38mm case with a matte black finish and a black leather strap for a bold and stylish look.


Photo: Instagram/Clusewatches

10. For a person of significance, the Zebrawood & Obsidian watch from Sawyer series ($395) is another powerful creation of JORD Wood Watches. The Zebrawood grain, powerful and untamed, is balanced by a richly hued obsidian black center face. Gold tones create a glint of light, a brilliant flash accenting sound style. The 70 individual links masterful mosaic. An automatic 26 jewel multi-function movement with power reserve, and a sapphire crystal combine with natural hand finished wood to create a true collectors timepiece.

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