Style Guide: How to wear white jeans this summer?


White color has always been a sign of warmer and sunnier weather and it is perfect for summer days because you will stay cooler with white or light clothing in the summer thus those colors absorb less heat.

The white denim trend is one of the most popular trends for this summer. White naturally has reflective properties, so you should tend to lean towards slimmer denim silhouette like the skinny or pencil cut.

White denim is blank canvas with which you can pair almost anything and it will look good.

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Here are some tips you should consider when buying white denim jeans or just white pants:

– Pick a pair of white pants or jeans made of a thicker material, so you won’t have any wardrobe malfunctions (i.e. visible panty lines).

– You have to know which cuts suit your figure the best – skinny white jeans or flared ones.

– If you decide to busy skinny cut white jeans or pants, they should be fitted but not too tight.


Fab Fashion Fix proposes the following styling tips and ideas to rock the white jeans trend this summer:

1. As all of you very well know, the accessories are very important for any stylish look and can really take one look to another level. Statement jewelry is perfect for summer looks so use its advantages – layer bracelets, choose colorful earrings or put on a bold statement necklace. As well as accessories, shoes or sandals can also make a bold statement.


2. In the summer you should have wardrobe essentials such as the classical blouse which is perfect for day and evening looks. Choose between sheer ones or colorful blouse, from denim blouses to printed ones and combine them with white jeans.












3. Back to the basics! Combine white denim jeans or white pants with the classical fitted blazer. It will surely give you the more polished look.




4. Again, go back to the basics! Combine your white jeans with cardigan sweater and T-shirt or tank top. The cardigan will make you look more polished.


For more inspiration and styling tips, check out the video below from Wendy’s Lookbook.

Video: Youtube/wendyslookbook


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