Style Guide: How to wear the white short jumpsuit for three looks this summer?


The summer is here and fashionistas are probably looking for summer wardrobe key pieces which will make them look chic for any occasion. The dress has always been the main piece for formal occasions but in the recent seasons the designers realized that women needed a piece that will give them a relaxed feel, freedom of movement and once again look chic. This all came true in the form of jumpsuit – long or short, with the right accessories it can look great for any occasion.

Its charm lies precisely in its adaptability figure, allows creativity in design, especially when it comes to details on the chest and back, and you can wear it from morning to … tomorrow!

Fab Fashion Fix will show you its versatility by bringing you three ways in which you can wear the white short jumpsuit in your daily combinations and in casual, business and party version. 


1. Casual style
The short jumpsuit is not strictly reserved only for elegant events. With a pair of flat sandals and stylish accessories in striking colors, you can give your white jumpsuit a dose edginess that goes hand in hand with everyday style.


2. Work style
If you are one of those lucky women who are not restricted by the a strict business dress code, you can style your short jumpsuit with kimono blouse, blazer or cardigan sweater to have the work polished look. Also use the right accessories – vintage handbags and statement rings will give you the whole story for the final wow effect.


3. Party style
Show of your best assets and summer bronzed skin by wearing this white short jumpsuit to a party or event. With high heels, clutch bag and lavish jewelry you are go to go and dance till the dawn.


Images: polyvore


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