Style Guide: How to wrap scarf this winter?


This winter we are all about looking cool but staying warm in our clothes.

We have got you covered, Fab Fashion Fix brings the ultimate style guide about how to wrap winter’s most versatile piece.

Whether you wrap a chunky, knitted scarf across your collarbones or let it hang down your shoulders, keep in mind that scarves add color and style to any outfit and can change the look of an ensemble almost immediately.

The trick is to wear scarves in the most unusual ways to make a fashion statement.

For example, hanging cozy scarf outside your winter coat will ad a fresh vibe to your coat (even more if its older coat). Here are some styling tips and ways to wear your favorite scarf:

Try the simple Drape: This style of wear is perfect for cool weather. It’s easy to throw on or take off if the sun comes out and warms up your early winter day. To “tie” this knot, simple lay it across the back of your neck so that each end of the scarf hangs evenly.

Take your scarf Once Around: The Once Around offers a little more warmth for your neck, making it more suitable for breezy or windy days. Lay your scarf across the back of your neck so that the right side is longer than the left, then take the long side across the front of your body, around your neck, and return it to hang on the right side.

Reverse Drape: This is a common style, likely because of its excellent protection and simple method. Take your scarf around your neck evenly and cross each end over the front of your body. Now you can tighten your scarf to your comfort and allow the excess for each end to hang behind you.

Parisian Knot: Frequently seen on the slopes, this knot offers a buffer from the cold and can be tied in an instant. Halve your scarf so that you hold it by the loop in your right hand, with both ends dangling together loosely. Take the loose ends around your neck, bring these across your chest, and thread both ends through the loop in your right hand.

Reverse Drape Tuck: A classy look for true polar protection. With the right end longer than the left and your scarf across the back of your neck and. Take your long end around the front of your neck, around the back of your neck, and then under itself. Then you can take your short end and pull it under the long end, crossing it your front to drape with the long end.



















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Check out the video tutorials below and find cool ways to tie a scarf this season…


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Video: Youtube/Wendy`s Lookbook


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