Style Guide: How to Dress Parisian Chic?


Ever since the “Sex and the City” fever started back at the late 1990-s and later when our beloved Carrie Bradshaw move to Paris with her lover Aleksandr Petrovsky, fans and fashionistas wandered how to get that Parisian chic style?


Firstly, what does it mean to be dresses Parisian chic? It means to be dressed like a fashionable Parisian woman. It can be described as understated chic and nonchalant elegance, something like Inès de la Fressange – French model and fashion icon, who has been Chanel muse back in the 1990-s, consultant for Jean Paul Galutier and L’Oréal Paris ambassador. Tall, dark, beautiful and naturally elegant like Ines, that is Parisian chic.


More than a skill, French style is also a way of life. Play with clothes, love the vintage clothes and invest in timeless pieces like the trench coat, leather jacket, V-neck cashmere sweater and pair of cigarette pants. French style is all about looking natural and having the allure of life.

You can easily pull of Parisian chic style with these few styling tips and ideas:

1. Wear flattering basics: Choose clothes in black, navy or grey colors, beacuse those colors tend to make you look more slimmer and will certainly flatter your figure. Consider adding the following pieces to your wardrobe:
– The little black dress for all formal occasions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black (though it should be in a darker, more slimming color). The hemline should fall somewhere between mid-calf and mid-thigh.
– Blouses in neutral tones like white, beige or cream and make sure the blouse is well fitted, not too saggy.
– Dark skinny jeans, they can be a bit looser or even slim cut, but make sure they are not ripped.
– Slender cut trousers in dark colors. They can be cropped or full-length.
– The classical knee-length pencil skirt, choose darker colors for winter and lighter for spring and summer.


2. Buy stylish but comfortable shoes: pointed heels, flats, riding boots, sandals and pumps are all appropriate for Parisian chic style. You should avoid wearing trainers, flip-flops, or heavy boots.

3. Invest in cardigan sweaters: they are the perfect item to wear throughout the whole year, in case you have missed it see Style Guide: How to wear cardigan sweater?


4. Wear fitted coats and jackets: trench coats, feminine leather or biker jackets and cropped or fitted blazers all look chic without being fussy. You should avoid wearing sweatshirts which are just screaming – tacky.

5. Use accessories: don’t wear too much jewelry but jewelry is important for every outfit so use one or two pieces at the same time. Pearls are inevitable and timeless, so invest in pearl jewelry for all occasions. In case you have missed it, see Style Guide: How to wear pearl jewelry?
Wear scarves and hats all through the year, see our Style Guide: How to wear a scarf?


6. Wear minimal make-up: give up the heavy foundation and layers of make-up. Go back to the basics – light foundation, concealer, mascara, and your favorite lipstick.


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