Sephora “Jasmine” Spring 2013 make-up collection


Canadian fashion model Alyssah Ali (IMG) is the face of Sephora new make-up collection called “Jasmine” – inspired by Disney’s character of princess Jasmine. The collection includes a nail polish set, an eyeliner trio, one perfume, two eyeshadow palettes, perfumed body shimmer and a compact mirror.

The video teaser says: “Shut your eyes and take a chance, have a wish or two or three. You are only in trouble, if you get caught.” Coming in March 2013.




Shades include:
– Blue Oasis Jasmine’s outfit (light turquoise) Trust Me
– Jafar’s staff (coppery pink shimmer)
– Abu Abu’s skin (light shimmery brown)
– Ali Ababwa Prince Ali’s cloak (neutral nude)
– Sultana The Sultana’s skin (shimmering pinky-tan)
– Friend Like Me The Genie (blue shimmer)
– Master Jafar’s headpiece in the night light (plum satin)
– Cosmic When the palace reappears (pale copper shimmer)
– Cave of Wonders Inside the Cave of Wonders (golden yellow)
– Sand in the Glass The desert sand (light shimmering sand)
– Lapis Jasmine’s jewel on her tiara (rich blue)
– Mystical Wonder Magic Carpet in the cave light (vibrant purple)
– Raja The tiger’s fur (burnt orange)
– Arabian Sunset The sunset over the palace (shimmering coral)
– Bazaar The marketplace in the daylight (chocolate shimmer)
– Thrilling Chase Jasmine playing coy in the moonlight (blush)
– Golden Sands Desert sands at night (bronzer)


The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror 



Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette: Take a chance on this eye-catching palette with four jewel-toned shades that are easy to apply and blend for a variety of mesmerizing eye looks. Let your eyes sparkle like a thousand twinkling lights with these brilliant shades.

– Diamond Sky (deep turquoise inspired by Jasmine’s outfit on the Magic Carpet ride)
– Carpet (violet inspired by Jasmine’s magic carpet ride in the moonlight)
– Wonder by Wonder (lavender inspired by the faces of love at night)
– Splendid (peachy-pink inspired by the glow and hue of the moon during the magic carpet ride).



Sephora Three Wishes Eyeliner Set: Your wish is granted with this set of three unique eyeliners, including a thick kohl pencil, liquid liner, and crème pot liner and brush, each inspired by Jasmine’s sultry, smoky eyes. Use one, or layer them together to disguise, design or add detail to any look.


Sephora A Whole New World Eau de Parfum: The possibilities are endless with A Whole New World Eau de Parfum, a spellbinding new fragrance inspired by Arabian Nights. This captivating scent incorporates an intricate floral and musky palette, opening with a blend of carnation, orange blossom and mandarin, which gives way to a floral, musky blend of gardenia, and cedarwood. Topped off with a rich mix of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and benzoin, this invigorating and feminine aroma encourages you to create and experience your own adventure.

– A Whole New World Eau de Parfum Spray
– A Whole New World Perfumed Oil Rollerball


A Whole New World Perfumed Body Shimmer: Sparkle like the Arabian night sky with this golden-bronze body shimmer that is infused with A Whole New World Eau de Parfum to ensure you always leave a lasting impression on anyone you encounter.


body shimmer

Sephora by OPI One is Never Enough Nail Lacquer Set: Give your tips a magical touch with this Sephora by OPI nail color set of six shimmering new shades reminiscent of a princess’ jewels.

Shades include:
– Berry Tale Romance (vibrant orchid)
– Your Wish Is My Command (soft lilac)
– Fit For Royalty (deep plum)
– Dream Princess (glittering cinnabar)
– All That Jasmine (rich jade)
– Aladdin’s Girl (shimmery berry-copper).






Video: Youtube/sephora



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