Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2013 collection – Milan Fashion Week


Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli presented their fall/winter 2013 collection at Milan Fashion Week fall 2013. “Excess is my success,” said designer Roberto to the media before his show and so it was once again.

This collection brings floral prints, elegant furs, animal-print details and precious textiles highlight the contemporary aesthetics of the Cavalli brand, where art and craftsmanship are not limited to hand-painted clothing and accessories, but also extended to the dresses embellished with crystals, studs and small chains creating a sensual “armor” effect, for women who are confident and who love and want to be loved.

Among the accessories, the restyling of the wonderful Hera bag collection, in honor of the goddess procuress of femininity, characterized by floral and animal-print fantasies, guarding the secrets, the desires and the seduction of the woman wearing them.

The creative vision is inspired by Roberto Cavalli’s innate passion for women and his desire to capture their intrinsic beauty and charisma in an emotional and passionate way.


Esther Heesch (Next)




Kremi Otashliyska (Elite)





Caroline Brasch Nielsen




Sasha Luss (Elite)




Julia Nobis



Sam Rollinson (Women)



Kel Markey




Asheligh Good




Tilda Lindstam (IMG)



Maria Bradley



Josephine Le Tutour (Elite)


Liu Wen (Marilyn) 


Lisa Verberght


Iris Van Berne



Xiao Wen Ju (IMG)



Mackenzie Drazan


Julia Frauche


Nicole Pollard (OUI)


Emma Oak


Stina Rapp Wastenson


Irina Kravchenko


Muriel Beal (OUI)


Meghan Collison



Elsa Sylvan (OUI)



Marique Schimmel (Women)


Anmari Botha (IMG)


Fei Fei Sun (Elite)


Marie Piovesan


Mijo Mihaljcic



Kasia Struss


Cora Emmanuel 





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