Recovering from surgery or an injury? Check out these style and comfort essentials


Have you recently sustained an injury? Or are you booked in for surgery sometime soon?

The fear of the unknown can be incredibly debilitating and if you’re in pain then it’s difficult to know how to manage everyday life. Perhaps you’re having surgery and you’ll be unable to do normal things for a while, or maybe you’ve been in a car accident and you’ve sustained painful injuries – speak to a car accident lawyer with an office in Chicago if you’ve been in a crash that could have been avoided. It’s important that you follow the guidance from your doctor so you can make a full and fast recovery.

One of the key elements of recovery is rest and comfort, and you can’t do much relaxing if you’re dressed in tight clothing or wearing items that irritate your injuries. So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered some simple style and comfort essentials everyone needs when they need a little rest and

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Your underwear
Forget those flattering Brazilian style panties that complement your curves or your favorite push-up underwired bra. If you’re in pain, and/or recovering from surgery then comfort is king. Some simple high- or low-rise pant-shorts, or high leg knickers are the ideal choice for comfort. They won’t dig in or need adjusting as you move around, saving you further discomfort and pain.

As for your bra, forget the wired variety, a soft and comfortable wireless bra or bralette will keep everything in place and comfortable. Or simply go without! Save those gorgeous underwear sets for when you’re back to your old self.

Learn to love your glasses
If you’re a regular contact lens wearer than it’s time to embrace your glasses again. If you’re spending time in the hospital, you may find that the warm temperatures and dry air leaves your contacts a little prickly and dry. If you’re at home and likely to keep falling asleep, then it’s best not
to fall asleep with your contacts in. Break out those glasses and learn to love them again, you’ll be much more comfortable.

A dressing gown
Dressing gowns aren’t just for your granny. They’re a style and comfort essential. Having a dressing gown ready to throw on when you’re ready to get up and move about will keep you feeling warm and comfortable.

Walking barefoot on the hospital floor isn’t recommended – you’re likely to slip and fall and it’s pretty gross. So, a comfortable pair of slippers are essential, they’ll give you plenty of grip without the need for heavy, clumpy shoes and whilst you’re at home your feet will be toasty and warm.

And finally, buy a size up
If you’re planning on buying some style and comfort pieces for when you’re recovering, then it’s recommended that you size-up. The baggier your clothes, the easier they’ll be to move in. They won’t irritate your stitches, scars or painful areas and you’ll be much more comfortable. If you’re comfortable and relaxed, the quicker you’ll recover from your injuries.


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