Penelope Cruz reveals her beauty secrets for InStyle UK October 2014


Spanish screen siren Penelope Cruz is effortlessly sexy for InStyle magazine UK, October 2014 issue. Photographed under the lens of Nico Bustos, Penelope ept thing simple by posing in coza sweater dress. From her dramatic fringe moments and signature smokey eyes to her love for yoga, 40-year-old actress tells what it takes to be effortlessly sexy and spills her beauty secrets:

On keeping her natural hair color: “I wouldn`t do anything drastic to my hair because I think your natural hair color is always the most flattering. If I have to change it for a movie, and it can`t be done with wigs, then I`ll do it but otherwise I like to simply keep it healthy and shiny with hydrating oils and conditioning masks”.

It`s not all about the red lips: “When I am not working, I wear a nude-colored lips as an everyday essential. If you pair it wit a very strong eyes it can be just as sexy as bright red lip.”

On her foundation routine: “It`s much sexier if you can see pores and real skin rather than a face full of makeup. I look after my skin with anti.aging serums and soothing moisturizers but I also love the sun. So when I`m by the pool or on the beach, I`ll always use SPF 50. If I am going out, I will wear a matte foundation to mas any imperfections, or to fake good night`s sleep if I have not had one, but I still like it to look, as if I`m not wearing anything.”

On sultry eye makeup: “Sultry eyes are all about the dramatic fringe, but it`s hard to reach all your lashes with the classic straight shape of a typical mascara wand. I`ve discovered with a new curved wand of Lancôme Grandiôse mascara you can get right to the roots. I`m completely hooked.”









Images: Fashion Spot


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