Nuxe Bio-Beaute Organic Lip Balms


Pamper yourself and indulge all of your senses and skin with new Bio-Beaute Organic Lip Balms by NUXE. The most sensitive part of our face are lips, because the delicate skin on our lips is even five times thinner than facial skin.

Our lips get damaged due to the external influences such as cold and dry air, wind and the sun, which results in them being chapped, rough and irritated. NUXE brings a range of 100% natural origin and certified Organic Lip Balms to repair and enhance your lips with fruit oils and butters.

These Bio-Beauté by NUXE colored lip balms have natural ingredients that actively regenerate damaged and dried lips with long lasting effect. Rich fruit butter and oil extracts of fruits are in the essence of these lip balms.

They nurture, feed and restore the skin’s lips, leaving it with soft color and feel of the volume of the lips. Their ultra-soft texture melts on the lips and enchanting, 100% natural fragrance is simply contagious.


These delicious fruit lip balms come in two colors – pink peach and raspberry seductive. Containing organic apricot butter and organic shea butter intensely regenerate dry and chapped lips, while oil extracts of organic peach and raspberry abundant organic food and nurture.

Irresistibly fresh fruit flavor of peach and pear, combined with delicious notes of raspberry and vanilla are true gourmet delight for the senses. Delicious texture melts on the lips with a seductive glow, without the “sticky lips.” Bio-Beauté by NUXE colored lip balms can be purchased in pharmacies and specialized stores.




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