What is strobing? How to do strobing makeup technique like a pro?


Bye bye contouring, hello strobing! Looking back at the hottest beauty trends from this year, along with the lipoverlining trend started by the famous Kylie Jenner, the strobing trend has to be one of the makeup must-haves.

We love seeing dewy and natural looking skin (although wearing makeup) and this is the way to achieve that look. So what is strobing? It is working with light, reflection, highlighting and pigments in different textures which adds glow to your face.

Basically it is a new name for an old technique: highlighting.


How is it different than contouring? Strobing only uses light to enhance your face while contouring changes the shape of your face. There are no bronzers or dark powders involved. In case you have missed it, see our Beauty guide: How to highlight and contour your face with makeup like a pro?

Same like contouring, strobing can draw light to certain parts of your face. It is basically the layering of highlights to bring extreme light to the face. This way you achieve healthy and radiant looking skin. It is also mush easier to achieve because you use just a touch of highlighter.


Keep in mind that choosing a good highlighter is very important. Rather than using a highlighter in powder, strobing is achieved through the use of liquid and cream powders in order to create a mirrored glowing effect on the top of the cheekbones.


pretty natural makeup. just enough to enhance your natural features




For more tips and tricks about strobing, take a look at a video tutorial by beauty guru Desi Perkins. Catch up with the technique of strobing in just a few steps…

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Video: Youtube/Desi Perkins


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