The secret to flawless skin – Elcie Micro Silque Foundation


Get ready to discover the secret of flawless skin. According to beauty bloggers on Instagram and Snapchat, Elcie Micro Silque Foundation is the next best thing among foundations. It was created last year by makeup artist Lilit Caradanian from Los Angeles.

So according to the ravings, this is the foundation that’s supposed to work on any skin tone. The lightweight yet build-able HD coverage liquid foundation leaves the face to feel flawless, smooth and hydrated. This micro Silque foundation is long lasting, water-resistant and mild transfer-resistant, so you can enjoy a full days wear.

Caradanian who has worked as a makeup artist for the last 14 years, stated for Allure: “The average consumer is really confused about what type of foundation to use. It’s the number-one question I get from clients.” And that’s a lot of clients, considering she’s been in the bridal-makeup industry for 14 years.


Photo: Elcie Cosmetics

Elcie Micro Silque Foundation ($ 45.00) comes in 12 shades: Almond, Butterscotch, Cameo, Chestnut, Golden Tan, Honey, Natural, Porcelain, Sand, Vanilla, Warm Beige and Warm Ivory.

A universal foundation for all skin types. Vegan. Gluten Free. Cruelty Free.

Photo: Elcie Cosmetics

Photo: Elcie Cosmetics


Liza Lash wearing Elcie Micro Silque Foundation in Sand shade. Photo: Instagram/Elciecosmetics


Lexi Makeup wearing Elcie Micro Silque Foundation in Warm beige shade. Photo: Instagram/Elciecosmetics


RebelleMakeup wearing Elcie Micro Silque Foundation in Butterscotch shade. Photo: Instagram/Elciecosmetics


Photo: Instagram/Elciecosmetics


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