L’Wren Scott Fall/Winter 2013 collection – London Fashion Week


American fashion designer L’Wren Scott presented her fall/winter 2013 collection during London fashion week. She found inspiration for this collection in the art work of Gustav Klimt. As well as in her previous collections, the focus was on the details – patterns on printed coats and capes and embellishments on skirts. There were a lot of details which reminded of the 1940-s fashion era and style and gave the old Hollywood glamour vibe.


Anastasia Ivanova (Supreme)


Asia Piwka (Marilyn)


Chrystal Copland (Fusion)


Alison Nix (Ford)


Anmari Botha


Bonnie Chen


Ophelie Guillermand (Marilyn)



Eleonora Baumann (DNA models)


Hannare Blauuboer


Maria Flavia Ferrari (Next)


Anna Martynova


Stephanie Carta


Tian Yi (Fusion)


Lucia Von Alten


Carolina Sjostrand (Wilhelmina)


Svea Kloosterhof


Amanda Ware


Samantha Gradoville (IMG)


Caroline Farneman (Elite NY)


Lexi Russell


Julia Terentieva


Deimante Misiunaite


Charon Cooijmans (DNA models)


Mariana Coldebella


Lina Zhang


Loemie Anderson

loemie anderson

Kelly Gale (DNA models)


Melodie Monrose (Women)


Katia Selinger (Next)


Katerina Smutok


Talis Kyra (Trump)


Carolina Thaler


Images: style.com


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