Juliana Martins for Capodarte Fall 2013 campaign


Brazilian model Juliana Martins (JOY) fronts the fall 2013 campaign for Brazilian fashion label Capodarte. Photographed by Gustavo Zylbersztajn. Recognized for its sophisticated design and craft touches, Capodarte is perfect for cosmopolitan and demanding women, attentive to small details.

Inspired by Italian divas, Capodarte brings all the sophistication, elegance and lifestyle of these great women for the Winter 2013 collection. The magnificent Italy, with sumptuous mansions with baroque details, noble architecture and gardens filled with beauty and mystery, is the setting. The divas, sophisticated, charming and feminine women, with a unique beauty, are the characters. The result of this combination was translated into Capodarte`s Winter 2013 collection, entitled Divine. The handbags come in models that were developed aiming to meet all of women`s needs. From wallets with iPhone cases, going through clutches, shoulder bags, shopping bags and doctor bags. Capodarte also bets on handbags that are inspired by backpacks and on the great novelty: baby backpacks.

Tones that represent the season appear in the color palette, symbolizing elegance, refinement and leadership, like audace (bold) and vino. Earthy shades, like tobaco (tobacco), matone, dorato (golden) and mandorla (almond), and richer hues, like marinaio (navy blue), nero (black), rosa antico (antique rose) and olio (olive green) complete the winter palette. Lighter shades like chamomile and chiesa were also used.














Images: capodarte.com.br

Video: Youtube/capodartecalcados


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