Izabel Goulart stars on the cover of Marie Claire Brazil September 2014


Brazilian beauty Izabel Goulart (Women) stars on the cover of Marie Claire magazine Brazil, September 2014 issue. Photographed under the lens of Eduardo Rezende and styled by Tami Gotoda. The 29-year old model posed sin summer chic all white looks. Inside editorial brings close and personal interview with Izabel about her modeling career, personal life and healthy lifestyle, here are the most interesting parts:

– On her family: “My job is glamorous, but not my life. When I started making money, I bought a house for my family in São Carlos. I opened a building materials for my father, who was wall painter. My mother is a housewife, I am the second of six children. I help to take care of my brothers, and I have changed a lot of baby diapers. I have not changed the lifestyle of any of them. I brought only one of my brothers to the United States to study [Douglas, 23, is studying International Business in Miami]. I’m very cautious with money and have a team that helps me manage it.”

– On turning 30 years old next month: “I’ll will be 30 soon, but not yet stopped to think about it. For now, I only see the date as an opportunity to meet my friends on a trip to Jamaica or Costa Rica. The desire of motherhood, for instance, that everyone says has not happened to me. Marcelo and I make plans, but we are now focused on the job. We get along well with distance, since he lives in Americana, São Paulo, and I live in New York. I have a home in both cities and every 15 days at most, we try to find in any of them. We are not jealous and confidence was definitive for our courtship.”

– On female sensuality: “When I saw my name on the ranking of the sexiest models in the world, I had the feeling of having achieved a goal. I was never a model that broke, which once did a magic show, took several campaigns and the following month was in every fashion editorials. I walked slowly. Tapping an angel made ​​me known worldwide. I do not know to be sexy, bikini is where I feel comfortable. I like the movement that I can give to my body. The clothes often limit myself. The profession also taught me to build this picture: I know exactly which hairstyle and makeup look the best on me.”


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Images: visualoptimism.blogspot.com


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